July Meal Plan!

For the past year and a half I’ve been meal planning for ONE. ¬†That single life, right?! Now, I’m planning for three. ūüôā That family life, right?!


To be honest, FOOD¬†was THE THING I was most nervous about when I moved back home. Our family culture is built on food. When I went through lifestyle changes due to the various stages of my IBS, all of a sudden that changed for me. I couldn’t partake in apple sausage stuffing at thanksgiving, hors d’oevures during football season, crab legs at the beach, or ice cream sundaes. The list titled “What Jasmine Can Eat” seemed to be a lot shorter than the list of “What Jasmine Can’t Eat” to my family, because of the typical American diet that we had growing up.

I’m incredibly blessed to have my parents though. In some way they were inspired to get on board with this whole ‘health’ thing, and I tell y’all, with lifestyle change it’s a SMALL STEP process. [Unless you’re like me and get slapped with a diagnosis which meant NOW. CHANGE NOW.] I’ve been home for two months, and it’s pretty amazing to see my parents eating healthier, making new choices, asking questions, and *gasp* telling me that they FEEL better. Lifestyle change isn’t easy, especially when you’ve been in a lifestyle for a long period of time. Now, we work as a family unit. I meal plan + shop with Mom. I meal prep a few bits and pieces. Dad helps me out with dinner. I’m proud of our little pack.

Here’s¬†our breakdown for this week in July.



Breakfast Options – protein, carb, veggie

Super Green Egg Cups with Plantains

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Museli and a Pluot

Lunch Options – protein, veggie

Cucumber Tomato Salad with Quinoa

Chickpea Salad

Snack Options –¬†varies

Mozarella Cheese Stick

Almonds + Dried Fruit

Superfoods Shake with Frozen Banana

Celery + Sunflower Seed Butter

Dinner Options – protein, veggie, fruit

Blackened Cod with Grilled Pineapple and a Sunshine Kale Salad

Grilled Tuna with Orange Jicama Salad

Beans + Greens


I was really proud of this grocery store shop. I used some of the things we already had [cod, beans, cheese, sunflower seeds] and then bought the rest for $67 at Trader Joe’s. I LOVE TJ’s. You’ll find the grocery list is fullbelow.



Here are all the items to prep prior to the week.¬†The items marked “ONCE for the WEEK” I do on Sundays. That way all the lunch items are ready to go for Mom on Monday. [She’s a nurse and packs lunch. Dad eats at work. I work at home.] The items marked “TWICE during the WEEK” I do on Sundays and Wednesdays. These are things that don’t keep more than a couple days. The items marked “PRIOR TO EATING” are dinner items that we do the night we eat that meal. We make enough to have leftovers for lunch or for the next day.¬†2


The beautiful – I mean BEAUTIFUL thing about Planning, Shopping, and Prepping, is that you really truly get to eat carefree during the week. You just follow the menu! If you don’t let other stuff into the house – the chips, candy, ice cream, [enter your guilty pleasure here] – you won’t eat it! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go out for a treat every once in a while, you should! But go OUT, don’t bring it IN.




This Egg Cup Recipe is SUPER flexible. Add in whichever veggies or other proteins you like! I love this one because you can literally use whatever is on hand. I had a red pepper, some leftover spinach, and frozen peas handy, so that’s what I used! Make it your own!

I make 12 and pop them in the fridge. It takes about a minute to reheat in the microwave. Bon Appetít!


Mad love,




That time I worked 4 jobs. At once.

Detroit. Spring 2015.


A little over a year ago, I was working 4 jobs. Yep. FOUR. Just take a wild guess what my energy level was like. Whomp.

What were they?


If you know my story, then you know I never really choose easy paths. I choose what I feel makes the biggest difference at the time – the greatest impact. So, upon graduation I applied for and was accepted to Teach For America – Detroit. I was placed in a first grade classroom of what I’ve been told was the lowest school in Detroit at the time. Our school was¬†part of the turnaround effort of 2012. Teaching in this kind of environment is still something I struggle to put into words, but I did my best in a recent post. It’s just kind of one of those things — unless you do it, you don’t get it. And that’s ok.



I also began working as a phone interviewer for Teach for America. After applicants pass the initial application screening, they move to a phone interview. It was actually super empowering for my work in the classroom – to hear and feel the energy of the fresh blood looking to make a difference. This was my 3rd year of teaching. I knew why I was there, but the energy had definitely fizzled.


Yes. Concessions. I worked booths at the Lions Games, Tigers Games, and Red Wings Games, and came home smelling like french fries and sticky from spilled soda. I’d be there all day on Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes even nights after school, and zombie on in to work the next morning. They were volunteer basis — meaning I chose when I wanted to work. I chose to work often. I even chose to work on Thanksgiving when I couldn’t afford a plane ticket home.

               IMG_2974 IMG_2977

                The only game I went to for fun Рwith M+D.

But why?

I needed the money. That’s pretty simple to understand, right? My rent got raised, my salary didn’t. Juniper had allergies that had us in and out of the vet. I was in a long-distance relationship that I traveled for almost every other weekend [6 hours there, 6 hours back] and fuel wasn’t cheap. AND I was getting ready for a move to Tennessee. It was¬†on me to pay for everything¬†despite living with two other people¬†— first month’s rent upfront, security deposit, moving truck for my furniture, and even food. I was leaving my job early, which meant I had to have enough cushion to keep us afloat [which didn’t work out by the way — I STILL ended up in CC debt].

And it was scary.

        IMG_2829 IMG_4403

It was scary not knowing if I’d make it. If WE’d make it. Would I¬†have enough to cover Juniper’s $400 vet bill AND feed myself? Would I have enough to keep gas in the tank AND pay my student loans?

And thoughts like that – that elephant on my chest – led me to serious unhappiness, worry, anxiety, depression. And then, number FOUR came around.



It feels a little weird to lump in coaching with other jobs. Cause it’s more than a job. It doesn’t feel like a job. I so easily became enamored with it that it never felt like work.

I started the crazy journey with MY coach despite everything.

  • It cost money, but something inside me just said that I owe it to myself. So, I paid. Pennies compared to the value it brought to my life.
  • It took time, but I knew I had to prioritize me, or there would be no me left. So, I got up earlier and put in 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of personal development. The meal planning actually ended up saving me time in the evenings though. ūüôā
  • It was scary, but being unhappy and unhealthy. That was scary too. And I was LIVING that.

Then everything changed. I was a new freaking person. My IBS was regulated. My heart was happier. I felt more joy at school, like I could truly believe it when I said was doing the best I could do. And I couldn’t imagine not paying it forward. I didn’t even think I’d get paid actually. It was just something that I loved – that changed me – that I knew other warriors would need.

Because I was already a WARRIOR before my first challenge with our community. I was already duking it out every day for my kids. But there was still an elephant on my chest or two. There was still shite that I was trying to get over. And I couldn’t do it until I became a wellness warrior for MYSELF.

IMG_4434  IMG_7972  IMG_8548       IMG_8991 IMG_9040 IMG_9103

It was THAT little nugget that allowed me to drop Jobs THREE, TWO, and ONE [in that order]. I feel compelled to note that no – I’m currently not making the same salary that I made as a teacher yet. But I BELIEVE in myself. I believe in what we do. I¬†believe in our team. I believe in my mission — to help YOU believe in yourself too.


mad love,



How to Meal PREP like a Pro!

Extra √úber Important Note : I’m so stoked that you’re here to learn about Meal Prepping! For real. It warms by soul. ūüôā BUT – Be sure to read ‘Part I : How to Meal Plan like a PRO‘¬†FIRST! Or else, this post won’t make a lot of sense to you. Mad love, j

What's the scoop on -nutrition- bars-

It’s no secret that, in the grand scheme of my life, I haven’t been meal prepping like a PRO for long. But, really, you’re probably already part-way there to your ‘PRO’ status. You probably already do things like take dinner for lunch the next day, make freezer meals ahead, cook all the week’s veggies at one time, or baggie out chips for lunch each day of the week.

So, you’re already doing it, you tupperware afficionado! With some intentional planning, food prepping for the week becomes a breeze!

Now that I work from home, meal prepping for the entire week ahead isn’t always my goal. I’m lucky enough to be in a space where I can make as I go. I still prep some things that I always like to have handy, but doing the full week on the weekend isn’t my priority. [Anymore.]

While teaching though – food planning and prepping was a Non-Negotiable. I didn’t have time during the week to go to the store, to come home and cook dinner, or even to do any more dishes than could fit in one load of the dishwasher! Not only was I teaching in rigorous locations, when kids needed my best and a lot of my time, but I was also building this coaching business on the side. During the week, that’s all I had time for – school, coaching, and some much needed decompress time. So, here I will spill ¬†my secrets. =)



Part II : How do I Meal Prep?

Step One. Use your menu to make a to-do list for your prep time.

Here’s my example menu :

  • Breakfast : 2 eggs with avocado, black beans, plantains OR chia seed pudding with fruit
  • Shake : Vegan Chocolate with frozen banana and spinach
  • Lunch : beans + greens with quinoa OR cucumber-tomato salad with tuna, almonds
  • Dinner : grilled veggies and tuna¬†OR zeghetti with tomato sauce and hempseeds

From here, I know that I need to:

  • Stove : boil eggs, beans + greens, quinoa, tomato sauce, plantains
  • Fridge¬†: ¬†chia seed pudding, cucumber tomato salad, veggies for grilling, zeghetti
  • Freeze : banana, spinach
  • Just Portion : black beans, almonds, hempseeds
  • Must do¬†right before eating : avocado, plantains

Step Two.¬†Reverse engineer your to-do list. This means to decide what will take the most time/cook the longest, and do that first. Here is my list, put re-arranged in the order of which I’ll do it.

  • Eggs/Beans+Greens/Quinoa
    • Bring one¬†pot of water with eggs, one pot of water with quinoa, and one saucepan with coconut oil to a boil.
    • While water coming to a¬†boil, chop/wash greens and drain beans.
    • Once egg water is boiling, cover and turn off the stove. Once quinoa water is boiling, cover and reduce to simmer.
    • Begin to saute greens. When greens are wilted, add in the beans.
    • Portion greens + beans and place in fridge.
    • Move ON! Don’t wait for the eggs to be done to move on to the next portion of prep! Keep an eye on them, as you move on.
      • When the eggs are done, rinse with cold water and place in fridge.
      • When the quinoa is done, portion and refrigerate.


  • Veggies + Fruits
    • ¬†Chop.
      • Chop the cucumbers/tomatoes for the salad. Portion and refrigerate.
      • Chop the veggies for grilling. Refrigerate
      • Spiral the zeghetti. Portion and cover with sauce. Refrigerate.
        • *note here : This is best way for zeghetti to go to work. Cold zucchini noodles covered in cold sauce. Heat in the microwave at work! This way the zucchini isn’t pre-cooked, and won’t get soggy for leftovers!
      • Chop the fruit that will be used in the chia seed pudding

IMG_8536 IMG_8819

  • Freeze.
    • Peel bananas. Break in halves for easy smoothie making. Freeze in a gallon bag.
    • Put spinach in a gallon bag. Place portion-control container in gallon bag. Freeze. Before your smoothie, crunch up the frozen spinach for easy smoothie making.


  • Other items
    • Chia Seed Pudding – I make mine by mixing 1c almond milk with 1/4c chia seeds. I put them in a small mason jar, shake, and place in the fridge. Then, over the next half hour or so, I’ll reach in and give a good shake. If you’re adding in another fruit to the mixture, then you’ll have to blend with the almond milk before placing in the fridge. I leave the fruit toppings that have already been chopped off until right before I eat it.
    • Portions – Portion out the black beans, almonds, and hempseeds.

Step Three.¬†Enjoy the week where you don’t have to cook or MAKE anything – you just eat what’s in the fridge already pre-portioned!


So, what’s up with these portions?

The majority of my challengers in our Wellness Warrior Challenge Group use portions. We don’t count calories. Because calories are a measure, sure, but they don’t consider the nutritional quality of the food. Is a calorie of Coke and a calorie of almonds? I think we can agree that no – it’s not.

So, instead, we try to eat a certain number of portions each day – x number of protein, veggies, fruits, etc. This isn’t to say that this is the way to go for every mind and body out there, but it’s what the majority of us use. We eat WHAT we want, we just are sure to eat the right AMOUNT. So, when we meal plan and prep, we do so by¬†considering our¬†portions! Fitness is 80% nutrition, and this helps us meet our goals! If you want to try it, we can totally do it together. ūüôā


This is NOT eating using portions. ūüėČ

I’ll be the first to admit — meal prepping takes more work up front. But, by keeping it simple and working smarter [not harder] it takes me about an hour to fully prep for the week. Not including the ONE load of dishes. ūüėÄ Let me tell you though, it is SO worth the effort when it’s time to get to work, and packing your lunch means popping the containers quickly in your lunchbox or ‘making dinner’ means reheating your prepped work.

If there is a sample menu that you’d like me to help you reverse engineer, drop some of the meals below. I eat this stuff UP! ūüėČ

with love,



How to Meal Plan like a Pro!


Ok, so that title is just a smidgen false. I’m not a pro. When it comes to planning and prepping food – I’ve failed forward. Just this weekend I tried to make a carrot and zucchini fritter recipe. #bigfatflop But now, rather than getting super frustrated and down on myself, I stick with the mantra live and learn. In this instance – don’t use coconut flour in fritters! ūüôā


All jokes aside planning and prepping my food has totally changed so much about my life.

IMG_4805  IMG_5954  IMG_5577

  1. my time
    • Before I started this system, I¬†thought that planning and prepping would take some exorbitant amount of time… but it really doesn’t.
    • You see, it IS more work on the front end, meaning that there is one larger chunk of time that I spend getting my food in order, BUT it means that there is SO much more time in my¬†week – time that would be spend making brekkie, lunch and din-dins!
    • Added bonus : You only do the big dishes once. I hate dishes. This is a huge win for me!
  2. my accountability
    • I used to grocery shop on a whim. I’d pick out maybe a recipe or two for specific ingredient shopping, and the rest of my cart was full with whatever looked good at the time [cadbury eggs and kettle chips, anyone?]
    • You see, with a specific list I ONLY get what’s on the list. And, therefore, ONLY eat what’s on the list. It’s better for my results, but also just better for ME – my HEALTH.
  3. my stress
    • I¬†had many days of waking up to stress when I realized I didn’t have something ready to go for lunch. I’d end up at CVS on the way to school getting Luna bars, Vitamin [sugar] Water, and rice krispies to go with a side of popcorn. No lie. I legit ate that ALL the time. And it TOTALLY stressed me out.
    • You see, with my current system, I totally eliminate this stressor from my life. I choose to plan/prep on the weekends for the entire week. I can actually look forward to the cooking portion of things because I have time allotted. I thrive on planning ahead, and as a busy gal, I’m quite grateful for that!


PART I : How do I meal plan?

STEP ONE. Think about your meals for the day

  • Here are the meals that I eat in a day :¬†brekkie, superfoods shake, lunch, snack, & dinner.
  • As a single gal, I usually eat the same thing for a few days at a time, so I’ll choose two recipes for breakfasts, two for lunches, and two for dinner. Or, I’ll make dinner, and use the leftovers for lunch the following day.
  • If you’re part of a family, this part might look different. Perhaps you keep lunch the same ALL week for the kids, and¬†you take leftovers from dinner for lunch.
  • The key here though, is to plan your menu, no matter which way you’re thinking about it.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, then check out my video below on planning on a budget.
  • Here’s my example menu :
    • Breakfast : 2 eggs with avocado, black beans, plantains OR chia seed pudding with fruit
    • Shake : Vegan Chocolate with frozen banana and spinach
    • Lunch : beans + greens with quinoa OR cucumber-tomato salad with tuna, almonds
    • Dinner : grilled veggies and tuna¬†OR zeghetti with tomato sauce and hempseeds

STEP TWO. Think about your grocery list

  • Then, you plan your grocery list from that menu, broken down by section in the grocery store.
  • Here’s my example
    • Fruit¬†: plantains, fruit for chia seed pudding
    • Veg : greens, avocado, spinach, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, squash
    • Aisles¬†: beans, tomato sauce, almonds, hempseeds, tuna
    • Seafood : tuna steak
    • Dairy : almond milk, eggs
  • I generally know how much I will need [ex. 3 cucumbers]. But, if you’re using recipes, that’s a great guideline! Keep in mind that if you’re using one meal for dinner AND lunch the next day, you may need to make extra.

STEP THREE. Grocery shop

  • Stick to your LIST!
  • Shop with earbuds/headphones. The music in the store is set so that you dilly dally. Don’t be a dilly-dallier. Pump up the pop!
  • Time yourself. See how quickly you can do it!


Third-Party Tools

There are things out there to help you plan! Here are my faves!

  • Pinterest – It’s awesome good¬†for getting recipe ideas! BUT I send you here with caution. A lot of the recipes you’ll find featured have like a bazillion ingredients. Those are more difficult to meal prep for, and generally take a lot more time! I suggest those if you’re doing something like a quinoa patty pictured above and can make a TON ahead of time and freeze. Otherwise, in MY opinion, they’re not worth the time effort. So, I’ll search things like “5 ingredient gluten free dinner” or “simple chia seed breakfast.”
  • Blogs – Find a blog that fits your meal prep style. Heck, maybe it’s this one! Subscribe, so that you get an update every time that blogger posts a recipe. Menu in your inbox. Boom.
  • The Beachbody Meal Plan Wizard – If you’re one of my Wellness Warriors, then check out the meal plan wizard. There are meal plans already available or you can use it to create your own. If you’re not one of my Wellness Warriors, then you can sign up here for free. I’d love to be your free coach! <3

Alright, lovelies! That’s all for now! Check out Part II : Meal Prepping coming soon!




What’s the Scoop on “Nutrition” Bars?

What's the scoop on -nutrition- bars-

I did it. I subjected myself to ALL the best nutrition bars I could find locally just for you. ūüėČ It wasn’t actually THAT hard, because truth be told (though they’re delightfully tasty) usually nutrition bars aren’t that nutritious. It’s a game — the food industry¬†definitely has some¬†for trickery up their sleeve. It’s SO difficult to be informed with all of the ¬†abundant misconceptions spiraling around us – and they use labels like gluten-free, all-natural, vegan, organic, and about a gazillion others that make us BELIEVE something is ‘healthy.’ And shoot, y’all. They got me. There were many, many days of my life, especially while teaching, that I would eat a couple LUNA bars and thing I was doing a damn fine job. #not Here are the questions I asked while¬†choosing¬†“nutrition” bars to try, but really you can apply these to ANYTHING you pick up in a grocery store!

  1. Are the ingredients real foods? Meaning – I can pronounce them and know what they are.
  2. Are the first 3 ingredients listed stellar ingredients?
  3. Are the grams of protein comparable in number to the grams of sugar?
  4. Is the sugar coming from a natural source? Meaning – Mother Earth.
  5. For me, but maybe not for you : Is it dairy and gluten-free?
    • As a dairy and gluten-free individual [IBS-related] I can’t have anything with Whey Protein, though there are some good whey bars on the market. QUEST bars in particular come recommended within my coaching community. However, SOY is not. It’s a cheaply manufactured ingredient that has a huge profit margin. BUT the protein source isn’t that great and there are often debates about it’s long-term effects on the bod.

Why do I even eat these at all?

Well, they’re super convenient! It’s really easy to pick one up if you’re going¬†on¬†a trip, if you run out of fresh food at home, or if you didn’t budget time well enough to prep adequately for the week. They also have been known to¬†curb my sweet tooth in a way that’s a bit healthier than a Reese’s, but depending on the bar, soemtimes it’s just better to go all out and eat what you’re truly craving. #knowyourbody #knowyourbar

GoMacro MACROBAR : Protein Purity


First 3 Ingredients : Organic Brown Rice Syrup [SUGAR], Organic Sunflower Seed Butter, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

Sugar : 9g

Protein : 10g

Pros + Cons¬†: I chose this bar because of the high protein count. Though the first ingredient is listed as sugar, the next two [sunflower seed butter and brown rice protein] are good vegan proteins. As a veghead I struggle to get protein sometimes, so if I’m going to get a higher-calorie bar like this, then I want it to have good protein. This was what I believed to be the best bar in the GoMacro line. And, y’all, it’s freaking #tasty.

Health Warrior : Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt


First 3 Ingredients : Ancient Grain Blend [chia, oats, org quinoa], Brown Rice Syrup [SUGAR], Pea Crisp [Pea Protein Isolate, Pea Starch, Rice Flour, Calcium Carbonate]

Sugar : 11g

Protein : 10g

Pros + Cons¬†: I loved this bar. It’s manufactured in my hometown, so it kind of has a soft spot in my heart. #rva I love that the first ingredient is a grain blend AND that it uses pea protein. Pea protein is my favorite vegan blend that is commonly used in “nutrition” bars. It’s marketed as a Superfood Protein Bar, but notice that there are only 3 superfoods included – chia, oats, quinoa. There are also two OTHER forms of sugar within the bar – organic sugar and agave syrup. This is largely due to the fact that there are chocolate chips within the bar, which is something to avoid when you can!

eBars : WOMAN


First 3 Ingredients : Almonds, Honey [SUGAR], Oats

Sugar : 9g

Protein : 10g

Pros + Cons¬†: This is pretty much as good as you get. I LOVE the ingredients in this one. They’re ALL recognizable. (See below). I Also appreciate that on the bar they share HOW the ingredients work in your body. They’re very tasty! The only drawback here is that they don’t keep me full for very long. I burn right through them. So, definitely a highly recommended *snack*.

ingredients : almonds, honey, oats, flax seed, golden berry, blueberry, pumpkin seed, coca, apple, WOMAN mushroom blend, brown rice, coconut, raspberry, coconut sugar, tart cherry, maqui berry, cocoa butter, cinamon, coconut oil, guarana, vanilla bean, maca.

evo hemp : cherry walnut


First 3 Ingredients : dates, walnuts, almonds

Sugar : 8g

Protein : 7g

Pros + Cons¬†:¬†This is marketed as an ancient superfoods bar with the tagline¬†Get Your Daily Greens… but there weren’t any greens in this bar. I love the hemp protein that is in the bar — GREAT vegan protein. But other than that it’s just a basic fruit and nut bar! If you’re on the go, I could see getting a bar, but otherwise, it might just be better to stick with regular fruits and nuts. It’s bound with dates, which are MEGA high in sugars.

Go Raw : Banana Bread Sprouted Bar

go raw

ALL Ingredients : flaxseed, banana, coconut, dates

Sugar : 12g

Protein : 3g

Pros + Cons¬†: So, I’d recommend this to someone wanting to curb a craving with a great product — such as banana bread. As far as the actual nutritional quality, the ingredients are fantastic. But, other than the omega3s from the flaxseed, you may be better just eating a nanner. ūüôā

Moringa Bars : Cashew Cinnamon Raisin


First 3 Ingredients : Cashews, Date Paste, Organic Palm Oil

Sugar : 11g

Protein : 3g

Pros + Cons¬†: In order to know the beauty of this product, you have to know about moringa. It’s a native of India, thought it’s in plenty of places now.¬†Rather than just having one or two benefits as most do, moringa has a¬†bajillion from blood pressure and anxiety to gonorrhea and sleep. It’s most commonly known for it’s energy boost factor — but in a slow, sustained way. So, this is one of those instances that at face value, it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s actually a big freaking deal. Check out the story of Moringa Bars here. I got to meet the founder Kipkosgei — what a rad dude.

KIND Bars : Almond Walnut Macademia + Protein

almond walnut kind

First 3 Ingredients : Mixed Nuts, Honey, Soy Protein Isolate

Sugar : 7g

Protein : 10g

Pros + Cons¬†: I had to add in KIND Bars, because they’re everywhere now. They’re easy to gain access to, whereas many on this list would need to be found in a health store.The sugar count is one of the lowest, which is good! But it has soy. AND it’s one of the first 3 ingredients. Not a fan. You could also¬†forego the protein, and just get a regular kind bar : no protein, BUT no soy.

Larabar : Lemon Pound Cake ALT Protein

larabar alt lemon

First 3 Ingredients : Dates, Almonds, Pea Protein

Sugar : 14g

Protein : 10g

Pros + Cons¬†: Y’all. I LOVE Larabars. Like, A LOT. They’re ingredients are FEW. They’re delicious. I ALWAYS recommend them. There are only a few options that include protein, in which case, I recommend the Lemon Pound Cake one because it has the least amount of sugar. If you are looking for one sans protein, choose the kind without ‘Chips.’ That spikes the sugar and the number of ingredients, and honestly, they’re sweet enough without it! ūüôā

So, there you have it! I’ll keep adding to this list as I find new products that look decent! In all honesty, the ‘bars’ that I prefer the most are homemade. I make them with my superfoods shake mix, which has FORTY-ONE (yes 41!) superfoods that help my body in endless ways. I get in a pinch sometimes and grab a bar, or get one as a treat while grocery shopping! I’m human too! But, in truth, my superfoods shake is truly rivaled by none. If you want more info, then go here¬†and we’ll chat more! <3

now, lovely, it’s your turn!

–>what bar are you currently crushing on?

–>is there a bar you’d like for me to review? drop it’s name in a comment!