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Free Coaching

You can make me your free coach for a *lifetime* by clicking here! I’ll reach out directly to begin getting to know each other [dude. yes. I want to know you.] This also means that you’ll stay at the top of my list for upcoming challenge groups and always been in the loop with promos and deals! And, [bonus!] you’ll also have the option to try #BOD [Beachbody on Demand], the streaming service for our best programs, for free for 30-days!

If you want to really dig in and get a total one-on-one experience, then you’re gonna want to join our upcoming challenge group! Each month I open up a challenge group and we really get to know each other in a small group of strong women working toward their goals with exercise and nutrition programs really catered to our specific needs! I do the challenge alongside you with all the #realtalk and #inspiration we need to get started and keep going!

Free Mentoring

I totally adore running challenge groups; it’s how I started. It’s how my fire was lit. But htere is something so special about helping another lady, a fellow big dreamer who bold in her action and brave in her heart, who is ready to go GET it – to commit to changing her life by helping others change theirs! To be personally mentored by me, fill out this application! I’m so blessed to be able to share all the things I’ve learned while building my business [and simultaeneously teaching full-time]. Let’s get you started RIGHT – on the path to success, freedom, and massive dreams.

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