About Me

well, hello there, lovely!


in february 2015 i was a full-time teacher in inner city detroit. i was, truthfully, lost. i was in a job that i didn’t love – one that i had let consume my identity. i felt stuck with no hope – no way to get back to who i used to be: someone who knew and loved herself. that’s when i fell into Beachbody via my coach’s transformation photo. i didn’t know it then, but with that one click of the ‘like’ button, my world would change. i discovered the fitness programs, methods for healthy eating, and the superfoods shake regulated my 7 year ibs battle.

but i also fell into this community of strong, empowered women ready to commit to helping people as the way to live their lives by their own design. and in this space of limitless potential, i was given permission to dream again, of a life of freedom and hope. it was a place where i recognized that, no, i don’t have to stay in a job i hate for 40 years. i can in fact choose to follow this journey – one that’s bringing be endless positivity and joy.

now, a little over a year later, i’m going from full-time teacher to full-time coach. i’ve paid off my credit card bills, my dog’s ridiculous allergy bills, and am starting in on my college loans. i’ve been given opportunities to travel to places i’d never deemed possible. and now, i offer the same opportunities to people like you. i help other people live a life by their own design in the same way that i have!

because, in truth, this is about a life. fitness is one aspect of that – it’s something i’ve come to love, to need. but life is about more than that. i mean, sure, i can definitely help you get healthier. i can help you lose weight. i can help you learn how to eat well. but, the real work is done on the inside – the confidence, the self-love, the belief in yourself, the mindsets.

losing the lbs, toning the tummy, muscle definition – those are all so valid, but my true love is giving the gift of daring to dream again. it’s helping others recognize that they are limitless. it’s sharing how to live a life a life that is bold + brave. and you, lovely, i’d love to do this for you too.