Souladventure || Before it was a Thing

I’m leaving again. I’m getting lost, so that I can find myself a little stronger. If you’ve been one of the lovelies for a while, then you have seen the trajectory of this last year. But, if you’re newer to the blog, let me introduce you to someone. This is me in October 2016. This is me at the start of a trip to California. It my first souladventure before souladventure was even a thing that I created.

In those three weeks I transformed as I traveled up the coast. I remembered who I used to be. I reshaped my beliefs and values. But afterward, I didn’t stop. There was the England + Portugal trip for a month in January/February. I went to the Dominican Republic for 3 weeks in April, and turned around in July for a week in New Orleans and a week in NYC. Now I’m heading to the UK, Spain, and maybe another destination for 7 weeks total. At the end of this souladventure it’ll be almost a year to the day I made this video.

I may have manifested this life of travel, but it was only by the grace of the Universe that it happened. It wasn’t just standing on those cliffs and saying those words that showed the Universe I was for legit ready to next level my life; in fact, I think that was the final piece of the puzzle for the Universe to truly believe me. All the invisible hard stuff that happened beforehand is what created a stacking effect : quitting the job, breaking the heart,  purchasing the UPW ticket, deciding to go 3 weeks early to California, being ready to spend my savings, beginning to let go of my control freak tendencies during the planning stages, starting The Ultimate Edge, packing a backpack, getting on a plane. All of THAT led me to this moment, and THEN the Universe was like, “Ok, girl. I know you’re for real now. I hear you. Get ready for the magic.”

I let go of my control freak, certainty+significance needing, uptight, overwhelmed ways. I took off the armor piece-by-piece and began to remember who I was before all the life got in the way. I started a devout practice of gratitude + growth. I entered spiritual spaces. I was present.

So, yeah. I’ve come a long way. In fact those of you who have met me in the past few months wouldn’t recognize me a year ago. But growth is a lifestyle. Honoring your purpose is a gift and a responsibility. This discovery – souladventure – THAT is my gift. So I’m going to keep doing it, so that I can show others how to have one by their own design. Because this is the kind of free that will save, heal, and awaken.

Mad love,


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