Eat to Live : One Woman’s Quickstart Guide to Unruly Gut Health

About a month ago I was sitting in the bowels of the Prudential Center Arena. In a slanted industrial room underneath the bleachers I met my fellow volunteer crew members. We were all ready to make this Tony Robbins event the best in the history of the Universe. At our first gathering as a team, we were all gifted the same blessing, “Do what you have to do to take care of yourself first.” I smiled; though my IBS is regulated, life still happens. It gave me certainty knowing that the expectation was to prioritize my wellbeing. It also made sense. How can we give our gifts to the world without vitality? Of COURSE we need to maintain our energy.

But as the days went on I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I leaned in to connect with others in white squeaky fold-out chairs, and found so many of them were also diagnosed with health concerns. More than most were the friends with unruly gut health. I thought of all the communities within our nation, this would be the one to have an unbeatable health standard! Tony’s teachings put health at the forefront, and this crew is the tops, so why are so many of these beautiful souls living less than 100% vitality?

let’s get resourceful

I still don’t have an answer to that question. I’m going to keep seeking answers. Every person is a unique body, mind, and soul. It does takes a while to find the perfect elixir for an individual’s health, but on the other hand, it doesn’t take very long to find out if something is working (or not). So while I may not have an individual answer for every one of these lovelies in this moment, I thought, “What CAN I do? RTFN.” My thinking process went like this…

Well, I know what healed me. There’s no guarantees it’s exactly what any of them need to a T, but I’m sure at least one part of what I do will be useful for each of them. Maybe my rituals for eating could help heal them too? How can I compress it? I think I’ll do a guide… but I want it to be actionable. How can I make it relevant to, like, today? Momentum is HUGE. They need a Quickstart. What’s the one thing I always wished I had to make it easier? A MEAL PLAN. A simple “Buy this. Prep this. Eat this.” guide. 

So that’s what I did. I wrote Eat To Live: One Woman’s Quickstart Guide to Unruly Gut Health complete with my 4 daily rituals for eating, a sample meal plan, and a sample grocery shopping // prep list. I shared a photo in our Facebook groups, and asked them to comment if they’d like to receive it. My plan was to send it through FB messenger directly. The next thing I knew, the posts blew up. Everyone wanted to use it! I quickly responded to each of these gorgeous crew members individually. It didn’t take long for Facebook to label me a spammer for messaging so many people with whom I didn’t have a “Friend” status. So they put me in Facebook jail. No more messaging for this girl. Therefore it is in fact incarceration that led me to create a way for them [and you] to get the PDF  directly into your inbox! Life really does happen for us, not to us. Drop your email below if you’d like to receive the Quickstart!

From me to you.

Mad love,



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