Stop Looking at Pretty Girls on Instagram

Ladies, it’s time. It’s time to stop that late night Instagram scroll using pretty girl hashtags. You know the kind : the hashtags that make us feel like shit about ourselves. (Not to be confused with the stories that make us believe, “If she can do it, then I can do it too.”) We sit, wait, and wish about the day when we’ll have that body, that look, that life. I know, because I’ve been there as recently as last week. Then I remind myself that “Pretty Girls on Instagram” aren’t actually who I want to become; they’re just the ones the world tells me I should idolize.

Consider this with me. Who is the most beautiful, magnetic, strong, courageous, authentic person you know? Seriously. Take a moment. Think of a woman who is just dynamite. Do you have her image in your beautiful mind? Good. I’m willing to bet my pitbull’s first born that you’re not visualizing a supermodel, actress, or Instagram handle with 100k followers (or at least not one who’s simply famous for being famous).

Here’s the thing. That dynamite girl – we actually DO love her for her beauty, it’s the beauty that shines from within; it’s the beauty that makes us feel something good about ourselves. She helps us see our greatness and makes us want to be better. She captivates us with simplicities that we connective to and she attracts us with complexities that illuminate some truth within ourselves. So… why the flying fuck are we (me) searching #fitspo in those last night hours?! Where focus goes, energy flows. So let’s get that focus focused on the true value deserves our attention, our thoughts, our time. Let’s focus on the dynamite girls. Boom.

You are the Wonder Woman of Your Own Life.

Consider with me a second time? What if instead of scrolling the Discover page, you spent a late night moment to visualize women around the globe “Discovering” you, the dynamite girl. Maybe it’s you a week / a month / a year from now. You are the beautiful, magnetic, strong, courageous, authentic person of your own dreams. You radiate beauty from within. You inspire others to feel something good. You help others see their greatness. You illuminate truth.

Can I tell you something? You are already her. She is already you. Everything you need is within you now.

Day by day you inch further.

Day by day you raise your standards.

Those “Pretty Girls on Instagram” are a physical destination. And you, lovely, are so much more than a physical destination. You trust and believe in the internal journey. That journey – and being on it – has created the beautiful, magnetic strong, courageous, authentic woman that you are. The world needs us to show up for ourselves, which means that we have to know that we are dynamite, and light it up. Boom.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle. – Cara Alwill Leyba

Mad love,



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