Women. Aren’t we so fucking powerful? We come together in sisterhood, and move mountains. It’s time for us to unite in love, and we’re rising to the occasion. Did you see the Women’s March? I watched from my Nan’s couch in Manchester as my soulsisters stood together around the globe. We high-fived to sisterhood as our respective generations of wonder women made our hearts explode with pride.

Girl power, though, isn’t always used for positivity. Am I the only one who’s been in a female-dominated space that wreaked of toxicity and drama? My earliest experiences as a child in school with girls were just like that. My earliest experiences as a woman in the workplace with other females were just like that. So, sister, trust me when I say I’ve BEEN there. May I sprinkle your soul with some love confetti? Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose heart. If you haven’t found your tribe of soul sisters, I promise, they’re out there waiting to meet you. Get ready to feel immeasurable gratitude, darling.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” Dalai Lama

With sisterhood comes responsibility. Straight up. Male privilege is real. We’re a socialized society. Ready for my sick + twisted truth? I’m glad that we are, because that is the perspective and insight that gives us the edge. It’s in that struggle we find our strength. It’s in that mess we find our message. It’s in that fight we find our tribe. It’s in that truth that we form the most powerful sisterhood imaginable. We are here as women because our souls are meant to do things on this earth that could never be accomplished as a man. Cheers to that, girlfriend.

“You will evolve. Not everyone will get it. Evolve anyway.” Cara Alwill Leyba

With sisterhood comes letting go. We’ve all been through a breakup right? Well, sister, there is this thing called a friendship breakup that no one really talks about. Romantic relationships end because growth happens, but it doesn’t happen together. Friendships are no different. Why not love your girl enough to let her know that you’re here for her, but you just don’t connect anymore? When you’re intentional about your peer group, she’ll want to be intentional about it too.

Sounds so difficult, right? Here’s the thing, lovely. I’ve seen the alternative and it’s crueler. While working in Detroit I was told that as our girlgang of teachers grew apart from a member for a certain reason, the girlgang was going to “phase her out.” They slowly invited her to fewer and fewer get-togethers. It seemed totally unnecessary and high-school like to me… and I was phased out not long thereafter. I knew what was happening, and could totally accept that these ladies were just not my tribe. But I think of my other gal pals who were phased out and have to wonder what they thought was happening. Is that any better than a guy slowly ghosting a girl in a relationship? I don’t think so. Let’s show each other some respect and be upfront. It’s OK when you evolve. But that evolution is going to fall hella short if you take the easy road out of a friendship that’s not serving you.

“Joy is the most magnetic force in the Universe.” Danielle LaPorte

With sisterhood comes abundance. Here’s the root of the root, ladies. There is enough to go around. There is enough joy. Enough love. Enough chocolate. Enough A+ grades. Enough men. Enough SheEO positions. There is enough. When we choose to live in abundance rather than lack, when we choose to celebrate each other as a win for the collective, there is sheer joy that radiates out from sisterhood. And that joy. It’s magnetic. It’s going to pull more joy right on in.

“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, though the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Real glamour; it’s based on femininity.” Marilyn Monroe

With sisterhood comes femininity. I’m still exploring what that means to me : to be feminine. I think it’s a rather personal definition, as it should be. The intermingling of masculine and feminine energy is intensely curious to me. For a long time I was operating with a ton of masculine energy; I just oozed focus, control, logic. In California I dipped more into my feminine, and ladies, it felt so good to just let go; I was in flow, receptive, luxuriously creative. I recently met a very alpha male type (and I by masculine I do not mean macho) who helped me step into my feminine, or I guess I should say who allowed me to feel comfortable in my feminine energy. More to come on this I’m sure, but for now, just know that that sisterhood bond feels divinely feminine. So often we feminists are equated with power in masculine form, but just one of those miraculous moments of sisterhood is enough to recognize that our power comes from our passion, intuition, and connection.

Soulsister. I adore you more than you know which is why this is out right now. Share this with a soulsister of your own; let her know how much you adore her. Maybe a woman who owns responsibility of womanhood with lightness or a girlfriend who’s continuously evolving? Maybe a beauty who lives in abundance or sister who embodies that divine feminine? Girls, you are my tribe. So much love.

So much MAD love,



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