It’s time for a comeback.


I’m a hot fucking mess right now. I’m going to do that annoying “vaguebook” thing where I don’t give you specific whos and whats. As an apology, please accept this visual. I’m sitting on my big white Instagram-worthy bed surrounded by empty popcorn bags, uti-induced cranberry pills, toilet paper equally covered in tears and snot, pages on pages of purple-ink, and a calendar full of missed appointments and broken promises. I’m sitting on my big while Instagram-worthy bed thinking through this post with my very own sugar-induced headache. I’m sitting on my big white Instagram-worthy speaking the words of my heart, which feels like a broken love explosion.

I’ve been everywhere in the last month, and therefore, I’m getting nowhere.

My personal life went everywhere. And so much of my business feels personal; it’s easy to let those gray boundaries fade into nothingness. You KNOW me. I’m the self-proclaimed “gal who loves growth.” I may have been growing in my personal relationships. (Conflict will do that.) But I have not been growing anywhere else. I find myself sitting in the shower (again) for what feels like an eternity and blinking at the water raining down. I realize just like that – in a blink – that I’ve been doing the thing we all do. I stopped putting myself first. I stopped filling my own cup first. I stopped building the life of my dreams.

I’ll do anything for an “Attagirl!”

Someone said this to me a few months ago : Attagirl. As in, “That’s my girl,” but like WAY cuter. It felt so good. I know I’m not alone here? When someone you really love tells you that they’re proud of you in any kind of way — big or small.  I’ve somehow forgotten that the most “Attagirls” of my life are going to come from me, as they should. I’ve somehow forgotten that in order to be proud of myself, I first have to make small choices that I’m proud of. I’ve somehow forgotten that it starts with workouts, nutrition, drinking the damn delicious shake, and reading every damn day. I’ve somehow forgotten that it happens when I give to others by going ALL IN on myself.

In other words, It’s time for a fucking comeback.

I’m committing right here, right now, to you my lovelies and to my challengers. On Monday, June 12, we start a new challenge group. It’s time for this bitch to get back to basics. It’s time for me to show up, to check in, to get real.

If you’re ready for a comeback too, you know what to do.

Mad love,



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