The UK Launch

A letter to my lovelies living in the UK

I’m bursting at the seams to share that our company is launching in the UK. Why am I jittery with that excitement||gratitude combination? I was born in Homerton Hospital. I grew up in Hackney. My Nan lives in Irby, Merseyside (outside Liverpool). So much of my life is caught between the two places – USA || UK. I love both of my countries, and I wish I could share all of myself in both places. Now, I get to.

  • So many times I’ve met someone in Holland & Barrett, and warned them away from skinny teas.
  • So many times I’ve met someone in the Hive on Vyner Street or Rawligion, and wished I could share this coaching opportunity. Maybe that lovely out from behind the register and into their SHEO panties?
  • So many times I’ve met my family in ill heath, and wished I could send them our of-the-earth superfoods shake to bring their bods into balance.

In truth, every other coach currently in the USA + Canada right now is also excited to share this with you. Your Instagram is probably full with American coaches reaching out. So, a massive thank you for checking out THIS post, which is sure to be one of the thousands. But, if it isn’t clear already, this launch is personal to me.

I’m not here to “GET YOU” to join MY TEAM. (Don’t get me wrong, that’s abso-fucking-lutely an option and I would deffo love it.) But my intention here is to give you the ins and outs, the truth, because you’re my people.

What does this launch mean? o p p o r t u n i t y This means that you have the chance to join our virtual health + fitness community. This means that you have the chance to build your own at-home business helping other women get started on their wellness journeys as a FOUNDING COACH.

tips for finding YOUR coach

1 You need someone who gets you.

You need a coach and mentor who has your back. You need someone who gets you. Right now there are American and Canadian coaches. So I recommend you do a little search around for someone who you begin to know, like, and trust through their social media presence. You’ll see that our branding is completely related to who we are. Some coaches identify most with extreme fitness. Some coaches identify with nutrition. Some coaches use their family as their brand; they’re mamas.

I personally am in the mindset // inspiration meets wanderlust category.

So, go do some digging. I’m not deluded to think that I’m the right coach for everyone, and I believe wholeheartedly in my UK soon-to-be girlbosses. My recommendation, if you’ll have it, is choosing a coach with some experience mentoring others to success, which usually takes at least a year of experience. I’ve been coaching for about 2 and a half years, so I’m in a good middle place of having a rocking team culture, but not so big that I won’t be able to give you a lot of one-on-one time. There are big teams, small teams, and everything in between. Just find someone who gets you, someone who inspires you, someone you want to learn from.


2 Look for someone with a strong team culture.

Everything that we do is all about teamwork. Like I mentioned, our “job” is in two parts. We help people begin or uplevel their health + fitness journey with a fitness program, nutrition guide, and superfoods shake. The team here is the fitness community. For example, I have two online communities : the FitFam for women and men who want to jump in and out of 30-day groups and a more selective Wellness Warrior Studio for super committed women looking to shape their mind and body for all of 2017. We host them in a separate app from social media where I, as the coach, share a information and inspiration daily. Each challenger shares his or her daily accountability related to his or her goals.

We also help people do what we do; we mentor others to build a successful coaching business. The beauty of this business is that YOU are the She-EO. You are the boss. You choose how, how much, how little, when, and where. You OWN it. But you have mentors like me to guide you along the way. Our team, Team Bold + Brave, works very closely. I do one-on-one calls very often. We have a weekly team call for training and collaboration. We very intentionally share the workload. We help you become the leader of the business and team you want to be.

So think of the girl of your dreams. We help you become her. 

Choose a coach who HAS a team culture. Someone who is going to support you in creating your own. Some coaches are more hands on. Some are more hands off. I float right in the middle. I meet you where you’re at with what you need. [It’s the former teacher in me. Yep. I taught primary school for 4 years before I retired to do this. Differentiation is in my makeup.]

3 Work with someone who is willing to invest in YOU… NOW.

I am SO fucking pumped to be able to work with you all BEFORE the launch even happens! If you find a coach who isn’t ready to rock right the eff now… Pass. The opportunity to be a founding coach is incredible, so find someone who is ready to help you get started with clean eating groups, challenge groups, and coach training. Can you imagine how you’re going to skyrocket when you know all about coaching on Day One?

I have about a gazillion ideas, but I don’t want to overwhelm you right now. Go here to connect with me. I’ll reach out and we can connect one-on-one. I’ll get you plugged into our UK Facebook group with my larger team, UK-only Clean Eating Groups, and even full-blown challenge groups. I got you boo.

4 Are they visiting the UK?

We’re having a big launch in October. The date and location are tbd, but I’m guessing London. I’ll be in Manchester the first two weeks of September. I’ll be in London from mid-September to mid-October.  I’ll be at the launch. I’ll be taking photos with our team at the launch. I’ll be back in the UK every 6 months or so. This may or may not be important to you. Bottom line. If it IS important to you — that you see, hear, and hug your coach — then you need to find a coach who is not only willing but fucking PUMPED to be back often.

4  Find a running buddy.

The most successful challengers and coaches have a partner in crime, a soulsister, a running buddy. Find someone in your life – past or present – who you have that soul connection with. Ask them to do this thing WITH you. My business partner is my best friend from grade school. Though we didn’t stay connected through university, we both found each other at the start of our coaching journeys. I can’t even tell you how much I would not still be here if I didn’t have her with me. Get out a list rtfn and write down the names of 10 women from your life who you’d ADORE to work with every day. Women who you know, love, and trust. Talk to them. Share this post with them. Share these groups with them. Many will say no (at least not right now). Keep going until you find your person. She’s out there.


The long and short of it.

This has the ability to change anything and everything in your life. Why NOT figure out what it’s actually about?

Maybe I’m your girl? Maybe you’re my girl? Let’s figure it out, boo. Ask anyone. I’m never ever ever going to give up on you. I’m never ever ever going to stop believing in your greatness.

Mad love,


Founder, Team Bold and Brave

“The lightworkers. The adventure seekers. The go givers. The difference makers. The happy tribe.”



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