the first success club trip

first impressions

I sat in a white 7-passenger van with seven giggly, smily souls. We pulled up to the sign in large purple letters : Hard Rock Resort and Casino. They opened the gates and we entered a paradise hidden by massive stucco walls that separate the resort from the world.

My jaw dropped. I did it. I was here.

As I stood in the lobby I was serenaded by Dominican men dressed up as members of the YMCA. I circled and noticed food in every direction. I heard my name as my best friend and business partner collided into me.

Our jaws dropped. We did it. We were here.

I opened the door between the the crowded lobby and the balcony overlook. The only barrier was this floor-to-ceiling glass, and as I stepped to the edge, I felt tingles up and down my body. For as far as I could see there were palm trees and blue water. There was a smell of salt water and adventure. My hands clutched my chest as I ran out of breath. Tears fell as I recognized the magnanimity of this moment.

My jaw dropped. I did it. I was here.

how did i get here

Many people are curious how I earned a free all-expenses paid trip. I’ll tell you. But, do you know that I also earned it last year from my work in 2015? Unfortunately I earned it later in the year, so I was at the bottom of the wait list. Talk about a bummer when all your gal pals went on a cruise, and you didn’t quite make the cut.

So do you see that we qualify the year prior to the trip? Every year that we’ve earned the trip [the Cruise in 2015, Punta Cana in 2016, and Rivera Maya in 2017] is a direct reflection of the number of people we help get started on our health and fitness journey. In 2015 I helped an average of 4 people a month. In 2016 I helped an average of 6. In 2017 I’ve been helping an average of 8.

Let me be clear though. MOST coaches on these trips change the lives of only 3 people each and every month. It’s consistency. It’s leading with heart. It’s caring about people a whole, whole lot. The trip is a nice incentive, but anyone on the trip will tell you… it’s not our driving force. If the company decided to increase the qualifications to earn it, decrease the value (a resort ranked with fewer than 5-Stars) or simply cancel the Success Club trip altogether… we would still do what we do. There is NO doubt in my mind.

how is this different than other recognition

I’m not one to be driven by recognition. I’m more of a team gal. I’m in this for sharing this opportunity of a big, bold life with others. I’m in this for building a tribe of women who are hell bent on crushing it to build the life of their dreams. I have this crazy hunger to pay it forward.

It just so happens, though, that this company is very fond of recognition. We receive gifts every month for helping 3 people get started on their fitness journeys. I’ve received backpacks, bluetooth speakers, t-shirts, etc. My favorite is when they gift us targeted personal growth seminars with the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert, Jen Sincero, and John Maxwell.

But this isn’t that. It’s not about the team. It’s not a one-off gift for one month of hard work.

This is a reward for my individual efforts alone. This is a reward for consistent effort. This is a BIG deal. In the words of the WEEKND, “‘Cause girl, ya earned it.” In fact, you’ve earned it SO much, you get to bring a plus one… for free. Talk about an amazing opportunity to pay it forward to someone who’s just a light in your life. Most coaches bring their spouse, but my girl Kaja lucked out. #thatsinglelife

the highlights

the room

There is NO way that I would have brought myself somewhere like this without it being a little bit forced. When I see a price tag of $300 a night, I think about how that’s actually 15 nights in a hostel in Portugal – the kind with great WiFi. I naturally connect with the raw experience, so being gifted this luxe environment was really freaking good for me. It put me a bit outside my comfort zone. I’m not afraid of the luxe anymore. I see some more luxe in my future along with my smattering of the raw. Especially if the beds are like this. #clouds

the spa

Another luxe experience that opened my eyes… spending $750 in resort credit at the spa. We each chose an aromatherapy massage and oxygen facial. Again, I see $750 and think about how that’s a couple student loan payments, but what else is there to do with credit except spend it? Nada. So, to the spa we went.

The treatments were unreal, as were the surroundings. There was no less than a hydrotherapy pool, a sauna, a steam room, an ice room, a tropical rain shower, and a mudroom [where we caked our bods in exfoliating mud]. Sipping on chlorophyll water or hot tea, we soaked in the moment as well as our oils and went slow.

One Note : Don’t eat salmon an hour before a massage. Things get gurgley.

the dancing

Our first night was a Welcome Celebration in a square of the resort. There was a dance floor, but it’s not like our team to stick to what’s normal. We could be found in a mass dance party next to the food because, where else? It was a true moment of connecting with these women, these sisters. We may be from all over the US, but we’re bound by the same mission of helping others lead healthy, fulfilling lives. In that moment there were no coaches that had achieved more or less, just women celebrating the collective contribution that we’ve made upon the world.

the lowlights

There were so many other things. I just kind of want to list them, because they’re pretty self-explanatory. Hope that’s ok. 😉

Free 24/7 room service, a tram service to drive you around the resort, bundles of fantastic restaurants that never required a check, pools on pools on pools, cabanas on the ocean, a foam pool party, unlimited (tropical) drinks, the sweetest staff ever, robes on robes on robes, a hot tub inside each room, rainshower showerheads, these really delightful fruit and nut truffles that I may have hoarded, grills on grills on grills of shrimp and salmon and omg, a serious level of sexy ambiance.

next year

I’ve already earned the trip to the Unico Resort in Riviera Maya next year [where the spa credit is unlimited]. Truth is, you can too, darling. Coaching, in a nutshell, is having the system and support to live your healthiest life and grow into the woman you wish to be. Then, we just pay it forward and watch the tribe grow. It’s about leading with heart, failing forward, and getting gritty with your own growth. When we do that, we have pearls in abundance. [Or should I say Diamonds, Team Bold + Brave?]

Be here next year. Can’t wait to dance with you. <3

Mad love,




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