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souladventure (n.) the bold and brave act of taking to the world with just enough of a plan to create breakthroughs, change your life, and seek your soul.

An idea is like a butterfly. When it’s ready to be known, to be cared for, to be born, it flutters onto the shoulder of the soul it hopes will bring it forth into the world. Souladventure is my butterfly. I didn’t understand it at first. I didn’t know what it would become. I didn’t realize that it would change my world. I never dreamed that it would inspire so many others to simply consider doing the thing (let alone actually DO the thing). I sit in awe as I’m seeing the word used in my circles across social media. The movement is growing. If you’re sitting here reading this right now, then you, my darling, are a founder.

So let me start at the beginning. I’ll tell you a bit of the story. I’ll be looking for you to share yours with me. This really is happening. This really is a thing. Buckle in, hot pants. It’s about to get really real.

how did it start?

I decided to go to an event in San Jose. It’s called Unleash the Power Within. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s led by Tony Robbins. Not to sound cliché, but he’s kind of a big deal. I mean, fuck, you guys, he coaches Oprah and Bill Clinton and Pitbull. But I didn’t know any of this when I made the decision to go. I knew nothing. I mean what the actual fuck is an immersion seminar?

So why did I decide to go? Every coach in my network is a raving fan of the event. Usually when there is buzzing like that it’s because of new opportunities in business. But this wasn’t that. Everyone in our network was buzzing from the perspective of “This made me a better human being. I am changed.” If you know me NOW, then you know just ONE testimonial like that would catch me hook-line-sinker. I’m the self-proclaimed girl who loves growth, right? But I actually realized I was that girl and defined myself as her at the event. At the time of deciding to go I was still the “old me”.

My internal dialogue went something like this… This will eat away my savings. I would have to go alone. Can my IBS handle it? This whole idea is kind of terrifying. But, what’s that saying? Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. What kind of woman do I want to craft myself into? Someone who’s scared? I should probably just listen to my intuition on this one. 

In that moment when I decided to listen to my intuition, call the guy, read the credit card number, and commit… That’s the moment when the Universe, the butterfly, knew I was serious. It wasn’t many days later while doing something mundane (I think I was making my bed, actually.) that I had a flash of an idea… if I am to fly across the country for a seminar, then I might as well make it a thing. I called my best friend immediately, and said the words OUT LOUD. Ellen, I think I’m going to travel up the Cali coast. A few days later I booked a one-way flight into San Diego and a one-way flight out of San José.

By September I’ve had this whole trip ruminating in my subconscious for a month or so. In looking to the future and determining how I wanted this travel to change me, my past came into focus. I realized the enormity of all the shit I’d gone through since 2012. I realized all the change that I’d made in the last 6 months including breaking off a 4-year relationship, leaving teaching, moving home, and becoming a full-time wellness entrepreneur. It was an overhaul that led me to the question I needed to answer…

who do i want to be?

What a blessing that we get to ask this question. What a blessing that we can craft ourselves into who we wish to be through decision. What a blessing that we get to be masters of our fate and captains of our soul. What a blessing that we can have experiences that allow us to explore that question.

And, just like always, it came to me in a flash :: souladventure. The word encapsulated everything I was feeling. I was on an adventure to seek my soul. In truth, it was selfish. Selfish, but necessary. Can I make one hot second distinction though… this wasn’t a vacation. This was an intentional way of stepping into the woman I am becoming while realizing who I’d always been. I discovered myself somewhere else.

how did the transformation || breakthroughs || discovery happen?

I don’t have any science to back this up. I just know this is what manifested for me. I declared my intent. I stood on the edge of Sunset Cliffs within a couple hours of touching down in California. I hopped on Facebook LIVE. I said the word : souladventure. I said the intent : seek my soul. From that very moment on, I had breakthrough after breakthrough. The entire trip felt like the most natural, in flow thing in the world. It led me to realize my calling.

But, to take a break from the woo-woo for a moment, I have taken some time to cognitively understand this experience. Quite simply, I was in a new place that was bursting through old, dreary, limiting beliefs and thought patterns. I just couldn’t think the same thoughts because of all the newness. At the same time I was doing the recommended audio program as pre-work for Unleash the Power Within seminar. So every day I was planting those lovely seeds of positivity, creation, and change into my subconscious that were fertilized further by the gorgeous Cali surroundings.


It was solo travel. I was literally immersed in self. It’s a completely new, but completely old personal growth experience.

New? It’s a new idea because to intentionally complete a personal growth program // book // THING at the same time as a trip is new. This isn’t a book you pick up at the airport as an afterthought. This isn’t that one growth book you figure you should read while you have time on vacation. This is deciding how you want to change on this trip, committing to it, and seeing all experiences through that lens while traveling. You are not VACATING anything. You are ENTERING into a commitment with yourself for how you will LIVE the rest of your life.

Old? There’s a reason we’re all obsessed with eat pray love and wild and under the tuscan sun. It’s because we’re attracted to women on a journey of growth. It’s magnetic.  In learning about how they’ve changed, we learn about ourselves. I experience a slice of that magnetism every time I souladventure. I have women reach out to me left and right saying, “I could never do what you do. I don’t have the courage. It sounds terrifying.”

Does it? Or does it sound exhilarating?

what’s next?

Let’s just hop back to that definition for a moment, so that we keep our outcome in mind.

souladventure (n.) the bold and brave act of taking to the world with just enough of a plan to create breakthroughs, change your life, and seek your soul.

Where do I come in? I inspire you to take the bold, brave act by doing these things myself. Then I give you just enough of a plan, tailored to you, so that you can do the thing too. I guess you could say I’m on the search for the Founding Souladventure Goddesses.

There’s so much more to come. There’s so much more in store. There’s just so much. This is just the tip of the iceberg, darling. There are no words to describe how much your support means to me.

Mad love,

Jasmine, your Chief Adventure Goddess

PS. Use these (big or small), so that I can love on you. #souladventure #adventuregoddess





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