m e g a w a t t

I have a for real-for real question for you. We all have things that light us up, but what makes you go megawatt? I mean head-over-heels, heart-eyes emoji, open-mouthed smile, blinking-in-disbelief megawatt? That thing that cranks your power up to one million volts, generating all the vibrating, buzzing energy in your space?

It’s not going to be surprising when I tell you that souladventures turn my spark into a flame, perhaps even a brush fire. I am so turned on and alive. I’m usually thinking some deep thought or making some grand connection of truth that resounds across this blue planet. Or, I might be thinking about how gorgeous that espresso is going to taste as it cures this travel hangover complete with mile-high thirst and airport-food-induced sugar coma.

Either way. It comes to this megawatt moment. This is IT. This is my THING. This is me in my purest form.

It’s a thing that happens often on souladventures not only for me, but for my fellow Souladventure Goddesses. Have you experienced it yet, Goddess? As a solo badass, I’ve photographed this moment for myself. I’m currently working on manifesting that Instagram husband that’s going to love catching them for me. Don’t we all just want someone to walk around catching us in the most beautifully raw moments of our being? But until then, I’ll have to keep up the self-portrait thing.

Your Megawatt

Maybe souladventures don’t make you go megawatt. Maybe they make you happy? Cheerful? Grateful? Etc? But maybe they don’t turn you into a beacon for pure light. Well, what does? What makes you want to slow down and breathe a little deeper?

I love catching people in their megawatt. I especially love it when they don’t know that this – where they are right now – is their megawatt. It’s like the world has put a lampshade on their light with their suppositions about how life is supposed to be. I love nothing more than to crank up that fucking dimmer switch. Full blast. No holding back. Light it up.

SO. Where? When? What is this intimate megawatt moment that I speak of?

I’ve tasted it in a quiet, unassuming vegan cafe in San Diego; in the Thanksgiving stuffing; in the sunflower sprouts from that bicycle-riding hippie at the Detroit farmer’s market.

I’ve breathed in the megawatt combination of saltwater + sunscreen + wetsuits; the fresh electrical tape being wrapped around drumstick; the stacks on stacks on stacks at the library.

I’ve heard it in the story telling voice of our grandparents; in a sung recording from my best friend; in the whispered counseling of student by teacher.

I’ve seen a megawatt moment in an exchange of written vows and free tears; in the laughing fit of an exceptionally funny tale; in the handshake of two respected businessmen.

I’ve felt it right at the moment when sex begins to start; in the moment when sex begins to end; in the moment of an unspoken I love you.

But I doesn’t stop there, because there is a special kind of euphoric megawatt that happens when you get those people to talk about those things that make them go megawatt. Ask the bicycle-riding hippie about his passion for these mild-mannered sprouts. Ask my Nan to share why she loves telling stories. Ask the man to talk about how sex feels.

So. Goddesss. What makes you go megawatt? I dare you to tell me.

Mad love,




  1. March 14, 2017 / 5:46 am

    I love this. Those moments are special and yet so often overlooked. I love that you are encouraging people to find beauty and joy in life.

    What makes me go megawatt?

    Having great conversations and connecting to people, the smile on someone’s face when I make them feel special and loved, being alone surrounded by nature, sharing my cooking with others, reading a great article or book, and much more.

    • Jasmine
      March 14, 2017 / 11:47 pm

      I’m so with you Justin! All about living in a space of gratitude! 😀 All of those things. JUST YES.

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