Are you a Virgin in International Waters?

So you’re going to a country that you’ve never been to. You’re stoked. This is going to be so fucking dope. You’re in a space of certainty, because you got this! If you’re doing something that bold + brave, then you simply HAVE to come at it with your most ferocious inner badass.

Here’s what you need to know so that you have some simple smarts to back, back, back it up!

1. Carry a backpack. Life is going to be a helluva lot easier with two free hands, babe. Just trust me on this one.
2. Don’t eat the plane food. Or the airport food. Or the hot dog stand outside the airport food. If you’re putting your body through the stress of travel, then you need to nourish it properly to combat that stress.
3. Do eat SOMETHING. Ideally, you’d be packing snacks to bring with you. Depending on lots of things, you might not be able to make that happen. Usually you can find fresh fruit or mixed nuts in the airport vendors, which are my go-to before I set out into the new country.
4. Cash is king. When you get cash out of the ATM in a given country, you’ll get big bills. Before you hit the metro//bus//taxi to get to the hostel//Airbnb//hotel, pop in to a shop in the airport and pick up something to break it into smaller bills. If you’re exchanging money, like dollars for euros, it’s usually not a problem.
5. Don’t give yourself a timeline. You’ve just been ➡️ on time to the airport to ➡️ get through security to ➡️have guards check that your superfoods shake wasn’t drugs to ➡️ board the flight to ➡️ fly hours to ➡️ get off the flight to ➡️ find cash and snacks if you need them to ➡️ figure out where the FUCK the stairs are that finally take you to the metro. So, when you get there, just relax, mmmkay?

If the line to get a ticket takes a while or if you sit on the Metro with people yelling Portuguese at each other or if you can’t find your hotel quickly… just relax. Live it up! You did it! You’re in a new space, boo thang!

So, my fellow Souladventure Goddesses! What tips can you share with the tribe?

Mad love,



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