I met a girl named Isil in Porto

11pm. Garden House Hostel. Porto, Portugal.

I’m sitting at the computer in the narrow hallway between the kitchen full of nomads and the living room full of student travelers. I’m supposed to be working, but there is an Australian at the computer next to me. Naturally I pause all the things and pick his brain for as long as he’ll let me. I tell myself it’s research. The truth? I hunger for stories. He’s got some stories. I didn’t realize that as soon as he took off for bed, one of the most insane stories of my own would walk right up to me.

While I was chatting with said Australian, I felt this lingering presence. Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Can you tell in what manner you’re being watched? The last time I felt it with this intensity was that creeper hanging in nearby bushes in Venice. This was not like that. This was being watched with intense curiosity. I hope you trust your intuition when this happens, because the next thing I know, Isil walked up to me, and said…

Excuse me. *turns phone around* Is this your Instagram? I’ve been reading your blog for the last few days.

And I BURST out laughing. I’m talking really loud belly laughs that most likely woke up the floor above us.

Because it was me.
It was my Instagram.
It was my blog.
In a hostel.
In Porto.
At 11pm.

Isil was belly laughing too. I mean, purely at the s e r e n d i p i t y of it all. Of all the places, Portugal made the cut. (I was booking a flight to Spain, when it just didn’t feel right. So I waited an hour, and saw there was only one seat on the flight to Portugal. I felt in my bones… that’s. my. seat.) Of all the cities, Porto was first, because there was no flight from London to Lisboa. Of all the hostels, we both ended up at the Garden House. Of all the places to be at 11pm, I was only at the computer because I was tired of working from my iPad. Of all the connections, my Insta account isn’t wildly popular.

Of all the things, we both ended up here. In this moment. Together.

And then came the energy. We’re talking about high-vibrating energy that is different than any I had ever felt. Buzzing. Tingling. Otherworldly. It was like the whole point of the world at that moment was for us to meet — two soul sisters.

I mean, you can probably guess what happened next? We spilled our hearts. Every last drop. Emotionally, Isil was exactly where I was two years ago. She’s wrestling with so many things that I’ve been through. Somewhere in my soul, when she started spilling I made a silent ask.

Give me the words to help me serve.

Ask and you shall receive. Somehow all of the things I’ve learned over the past few years were just in flow. All of my mentors and gurus showed up and burned in my heart. I was breathing abundant gratitude. That I somehow had something to say to help this soul mate. My friend was suffering from literally ALL the things I’d suffered from the last few years. The words, the comfort, the push, the pull just flowed through me. Every little thing she said, I could put her at ease. That – putting others at ease – is so much of the woman that I seek to be. It felt as though every book I’ve read and every podcast I’ve listened to was in preparation for this moment.  As I told her… everything you need is already inside of you. you’re there. i see it. there’s the light. let it g l o w…  I realized that I could probably be telling myself this too.

We cried.

But the gift that Isil gave me was something I was unknowlingly seeking. Validation. Her biggest question, is actually one that I’ve heard over and over for the past 6 months.

How do you do it? How do you travel on your own and discover yourself? I’m so scared. How do you do it?

Of the women who ask me this d a i l y, somehow seeing it in her tears was different. It made my answer more real to me than ever. It was cosmic intervention. Yes, Jasmine. This is legitimately what you’re supposed to do in life. It’s not just some feeling you had that one time. It’s knocking on your door. So wake the fuck up. Start this movement. Create this culture. It’s time.

All at once I felt radiant glow, abundant gratitude, divine connection, adventure + growth. Do you know how awestruck I am to be 26 and be in this space? To have a mission that sets my body mind soul on fire with tingles every moment I invest in it? It’s indescribable. It’s terrifying. It’s transcendent. It’s everything.

I’m not ready to tell you how I’m going to answer that question. I’m not ready to tell you the plan that was  presented to me by the Universe, but it’s real. It’s in the works. Get ready. There is a spiritual movement happening. I intend to serve.


Mad love,



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