Poetry || who am I?

I have never considered myself a poet. Like, ever. But I was sitting in the cafe in Irby, and felt struck with the need to be one in that moment. It kind of led me to a momentary identity crisis, and then I decided to lead with my creativity rather than my fear. Love was the outcome.


english gentlemen. Englishmen.
go ahead.
call me your darling.
call me your love.
give me your silent winks.
subtley sexy, yet intensely intimate.
just for a moment, grace me with all of your focus.
it’s lovely.

No. 2

Instead of asking what’s next…
I’ll ask how did I get
                                      so lucky?
Why am I the one to be
                                           so blessed?
and whoosh. The timeline is off the table.

No. 3

Sit down for a cup of tea
not for something you want me to be.
just for a moment to connect. To feel. To see.
how gorgeous + simple this life can be.
turn the volume down + raise up your heart.
it’s in those slow chats full of love
that revolutions start.


we should have more cafes without wifi.

mad love,




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