Driving on the left

Driving on the left is kind of like life. So many friends + family expressed their fear and surprise that I was ready to drive on the left during this trip to England. But won’t you be nervous? How can you be sure? What about all the things that can happen? My pragmatic nature coupled with my stubborn streak won out. It just makes sense to rent a car given the terrain. Plus, if it scares me, then there is a good chance I need to say fuck fear and do it anyway.

And you know what? I was right. It has been WAY better having the freedom that comes with a car. Plus, I learned a thing or two. Let’s be real, you guys. Growth usually comes when you say fuck fear. 

Drive on the left || Live in the now

1. Leaders / Drivers don’t react; they anticipate. In this case, anticipate your reaction. You’re definitely going to be honked at. Like, FOR sure. You’re also going to pop a curb or two a day. You’re going to get turned around, and it’ll take you half an hour to get to the ferry when it should have taken 15 minutes, thus leading you to MISS the ferry. Do you catch my drift? So, determine when you first sit in that driver’s seat (on the right) how you’re going to react.

What’s my reaction to less-than-lovely interactions? Oopsies! Sorry lovelies! Just a silly American! I quite literally say this out loud in the car and SMILE to the bus honking/man pointing a finger/car zooming around my turtle-paced Vauxhall. Not like a “neener neener neeeeener” smile, but like a good-vibes “hope you’re having an awesome day” smile.

What’s my reaction to getting lost? Oooh I wonder what adventure I’m supposed to be moved toward because of this detour! I don’t usually say this one out loud. But I do think some version of it! Getting angry just isn’t a state I want to live in, because it’s not going to serve me, and then I can’t serve you. I keep my patterns of thought positive, so I don’t go there!

2. Where focus goes, energy flows. My mum gave me this suggestion. Jasmine, just keep the curb on the left. It was ALL I could focus on during my first 30m in the car. And you know what, the curb stayed on my left! What you focus on, you feel. So, in short. Stop focusing on dumb shit.

3. Be a BAUS. So I’m going to say this again for myself just as much as for you. Fuck fear. You gotta get in I that car and get into a space of certainty. Not just a lackluster ‘you got this’ state, but like a, ‘I am going to fucking OWN this shit’ state. I’ve driven in quite a few places in the world, and ONE common thread is that NO one has time for drivers that are timid. If you want to win at driving on the left (read : if you want to win at life) be BOLD and KNOW that you are going to OWN it.

4. Go slow to go fast. Remember when I said that leaders anticipate? Remember when I said that you’re going to get honked at? That’s because you’re going to be going the speed limit, and probably slower to start. You should. Work through this new car, this new place, this new experience s l o w l y first, and then speed it up. It’s going to condition in that BAUS-like quality that you  just worked on.

5. You are who you surround yourself with. I’ll just say this… Be careful who you drive around. When I’m about to drive my Nan, I get in a SUPER good place before I put that zoombucket into Reverse, because I KNOW I’m about to be told to slow down//move over//turn my windshield wipers on//insert command here. If you can, ride with people who push you to lead yourself. Love your family. Choose your peer group.

So, what do you say, lovely? Would you do it?

Mad love,



PS. Get a GPS. Not your iPhone. A GPS. #trustme


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