Take me to church

Going to church is simply part and parcel of a souladventure. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm your jets! I don’t mean sitting in mass or kneeling on hard wood pews or kissing a holy book. I mean just BEING in a space of spiritual depth. Letting that light weight sink into your bones.

Souls // identity // being // we, at our core, are attached to the spiritual realm of this whole life thing. Souladventures, for me, are about getting lost as a way to find truth. Like it or not, to get to your truth you have to seek that next dimension, whether you call it the Universe // God // the Holy Instant // Vortex // Other. Putting the (dis)belief of organized religion aside, there’s no denying the spiritual presence felt in the longest church in the world. The Liverpool Cathedral.

To be quite frank, I didn’t know this was even a thing. If I had my way, it’d always find a small church on a lush hillside. One that could be easily mistaken for a cottage rather than a dwelling for grounded lightness. I guess you could say that I like my church like I like my relationships. Small and intimate. In the tiny moments that you have to play close attention — THAT is where we find inspiration to create movements. Only as we as individuals have our own tiny moments will  a collective of souls pulling for the underdog be born.

But. I needed postcards. And you don’t find postcards at one of those tiny moment churches.

As I pulled into the drive (on the left), I gave it doe-eyed look as it shouted back… How did you not know I was a thing? I’m kind of a big deal. It was immediately intimidating. It’s like the architect was made to create a fortress for God, rather than a space to sit and be with Her. As if she would need to assert her dominance in that way. 🙂 But underneath all that man made strength was the energy of centuries of human emotion. I let it wash over me. On the surface there was this frenetic human busyness, which wasn’t swayed by the much stronger presence : a deeply rooted calm. One that had stood the test of time.

And I immediately began to think of our country. Because it was Inauguration Day.

If you cut through the noise, the frenetic energy, the Tweet wars, the viral videos, the marches, the family feuds, the passive aggressive sneers… If you CUT through all that bullshit and get down to the truth, it’s that we all want connection to that deeply rooted calm.

Can we let that unite us?

I got my postcards. I also got my tiny moment. So, yes, on soul adventures, take me to church.

mad love, j


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  1. Kiki Mann
    May 2, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    Hi Jasmine – you are so right! We are all spiritual beings who yearn for spiritual connections. And you nailed it – there’s such a difference between ‘religion’ and faith. ‘Religion’ is all about made-up rules – do this, don’t do that – and it usually messes up people more than it helps. All we really want to do is be connected – to the truth in each of us, and to what we believe to be the Truth that is all truth. I hope you always have faith in that Truth – wherever you find it. Keep on journeying – the search never really ends, it only gets closer, and fuller. Find grace, give grace, and in finding and giving, much joy.

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