Healing Naturally

A few weeks ago I posted (or should I say boasted) that I hadn’t been sick in all of 2016! Despite the facts that I taught Kindergarten for 5 months, moved back home, traveled to Coach Summit + California + the Outer Banks, I hadn’t a sniffle or a sneeze. How BADASS am I right? [Insert rolling eyes emoji here.]

Take a wild guess what happened at the turn of the new year? Yep. You got it. I got sick.

OK. So how?

My Dad is at home hacking up a lung, but I can’t possibly get sick, right?! So I pat his head (poor papa),  go out to lunch, and eat half of this piece of cake. And it was delicious. And I felt zero guilt.

I did, however, notice symptoms the next day. It wasn’t because I ate cake. It was because I ate a high-sugar food, spiking my body into acidity WHILE I was susceptible to an illness. Not. Good. Especially as I had to be on a plane in a little over a week.

Here’s what I did next.

Wellness Formula

My mentor introduced me to this botanical miracle at JUST the right time! I’m a huge advocate of letting Mother Earth heal our bodies. I am of the Earth, and believe I can be healed by nature’s medicine. It makes more sense to me to balance the body; to let food be my medicine. Then the body can actually heal itself. This is why my superfoods shake works to do! But the intense sugar hit + my general diet being less than the stellar usual + sickies in my environment = one sick me.

But truly. Here’s mRather than drinking coffee to wake up and Benedryl to sleep; rather than Advil to alleviate a headache or DayQuil to knock out the symptoms… I tackle the PROBLEM. There is some kind of imbalance in my body, and it’s probably something I did to knock the metaphorical scales. (Cough. Like eating cake when you’re susceptible to sickness. #rookiemove) So it’s also my job to right the balance.

AS SOON AS I felt a tickle, I picked this up at Whole Foods and took it 3X a day with food. It kept everything at bay and I was feeling about 85-90% of my normal energy. After Day 3 of this routine I thought, “Ok. I’m good.I don’t need to keep taking this.” By Day 5 I felt like death. I shouldn’t have stopped for 10 days! #rookiemove


B-Complex with Vitamin C || Stress Formula

I did a massive face palm and took it to Snapchat (cause where else?)! I quickly received a recommendation from a friend to start taking B-Complex with Vitamin C || Stress Complex. These two were his botanical cocktail during 18-19 hour days at total immersion seminars, so it has to work for my sinus woes, right? Off I go again to Whole Foods, and start popping one of those at the same time as the Wellness Formula.

And the next day, I woke up a BRAND NEW WOMAN! Ok, so maybe a little exaggeration, but I really did feel like my usual bubbly self.

Lemon Water!

When we add lemon to water, it has an alkaline effect in the body! You want that! Drink up, Sister. You should be having at least half of I your body weight in ounces, but ideally you’re drinking a ton more while your sick. Flush flush flush out that system with the gorgeous gift that is water.

Essential Oils

I am NOT an expert in Essential Oils. I am in ZERO way affiliated. What I do know is that they work. It’s really important that you don’t just go get them at a local store, because the purity of the oil has probably been tampered with! And remember, we want to be healed by the Earth’s bounties, so we shouldn’t be fucking with it. You should be able to apply them to the skin! My girl Jessi hooked me up with a roller full of essential oils of for Immunity Support that I call Defense! I’m also using oils for moisturizer now too, called Glow. If you want to know more, reach out to my girl! She’s the sweetest!

Get Your Greens

When we drink the greens, our immune systems make a power move! That rocket fuel calms down the acid-induced puffiness, so your little kickboxer of an immune system can knock that shit out! If possible go to a local juicer and choose the greenest of the green! If you have to hit up a Whole Foods or local natural grocer, I recommend Suja! Try to avoid Naked Juice (it’s not as naked as you’d think) and Bolthouse Farms (it’s not as farm fresh as you’d think).


How amazing is it that the Earth ripens clementines at the same time that many of us suffer from winter colds? Vitamin C yourself, boothang.

Now that you’re doing all that hard work to bring your goddess back to balance in warp speed, you need to know what to avoid, which brings me back to my original issue. What put me at risk? SUGAR. So, lovely, I know sugar addiction is real, but please know that if you want to get back to your usual, then that gunk just isn’t serving you. The same can be said for dairy – cut the dairy and your’ll see your mucus output clear up.

Hope you’re feeling right as rain in Speedy Gonzales style.

Mad love,


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