Work out to FEEL || FEEL the Music

I work out for many reasons. YOU give meaning to EVERY experience. You can view working out as this think you HAVE to do or you can see it as this thing you GET to do. I choose to see it as this thing that I get to do to make me feel a way I want to feel. And to get to that feeling… I ask one question before each workout.

Jasmine, how do you want to feel?

Empowered. Strong. Joyful. Badass. Cathartic. Sexy. Fun. Goofy.

Once I have the answer, I play the corresponding playlist.

‘Cause let’s be real. It’s easy to remember that feeling as you get started. However. When you’re 45s into that plank hold or half-way through the sumo squats, the only feeling most of us feel is a giant fuck. this. But not you. Not any more. Cause you’re going to tap into the power of this rad thing called music that amplifies the workout experience to emotional heights while keeping you grounded in the way you want to feel.

If you know my story in the last year, then you can imagine that i’ve been through phases of how this played out in my life. As the Universe would have it, it’s been right in line with the seasons.


spring || catharsis

In the spring I found myself newly single, yet still living with the -ex. I made the decision to quit my job, yet still had to finish out the school year. It was like I was shedding all the weight, figuratively and literally. I’d find myself crying during workouts, because it was a physical way to recognize that I had pushed through the frustration and could now give in to the relief. I was letting go. it was so cathartic.



summer || unfuckwithable

i got through this catharsis, and then i wanted to feel totally strong. rawr. i am woman hear me roar. see how the scales tipped. i had let all of the frustration go, and wanted to power through. i gave zero fucks about how anyone else saw me – women, men, boys, or otherwise. i was just in it to feel strong AF. also known as unfuckwithable.



fall || sexy

this thing happened in the fall. i felt that strength, and then turned it into these sexy adventure goddess vibes. i went to california and got in touch with my true self again. it felt as if that empty shell of a girl from two years ago was really really gone. like i knew myself better than ever. i had shed the stress and all of a sudden, i was determined to feel sexy AF. even though i wasn’t in my perfect body — i felt like i could feel sexy anyway. THAT was new.

one day i’m going to write about sexual awakening. and owning it. today is not that day.

so now we’re in winter — as of a few days ago. jasmine, how do you want to feel? a l i v e.

mad love,



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