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my type A is always battling with my type B. i’m a disciplined creative. a hardcore freespirit. a straightlaced rulebreaker. you get the picture. i’m a walking oxymoron.

this makes my love of planning challenging. 

it’s tough to find a planner that suits all the parts of myself. i know, it sounds a luda to talk of planning with such affection, but there is something so lovely about designing the day in a way that feeds the soul. i need spaces of certainty, like my project focus for the week. but i also need spaces of UNcertainty, like when i’ll do each task. my day-to-day now looks like that because of the coaching lifestyle, but was quite the opposite while teaching. so, as you can see. i’m needy when it comes to the perfect planner, and i’m willing to pay a little extra to get the perfection that i’ll be adoring for the next 12 months.

the passion planner

the big picture || for the past two years, i’ve been reverse engineering my way to a life of my dreams with the passion planner. you create a roadmap with long and short term goals. then you break them down to create to-do items. you’re going from big picture down to the daily moments that will get you there.

the pages || monthly layout, monthly project focus (personal + work), weekly layout, weekly project focus (personal + work), monthly reflection questions, days are in :30 increments

the lovely details ||inspiring quotes, space to write good things that happened

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the start planner

the big picture || everything. i mean EVERY little detail down to your 8 glasses of water in a day in one place. the start planner is all about SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based). it helps you create these goals, and get them done while still remaining aware of all the other things going on in your life.

the pages || monthly layout, daily layout (top 3 priorities, hour-by-hour schedule, workout, water, calories in and out, budget), project goal setting pages which reverse engineer a specific project, grocery lists for the month and week, health check documentation, gifts + cards lists, budget pages monthly reflection questions, days are in :30 increments

the lovely details || checking off each glass of water would be fun =)

the desire map planner

the big picture || this is more than a weekly organizer, because YOU are so much more than a to-do list. it focuses on how you want to feel to be sure that your activity aligns with that. there are various soul prompts to keep you grounded throughout the journey of a year

the pages || setting intentions at the beginning of the planner, monthly layout, end of month soul prompt reflection that changes each month, weekly layout (core desired feelings, top to-dos), weekly soul prompt reflection that changes each week

the lovely details ||the corner tabs that tear off with a core desired feeling, the cover #inlove

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the day designer

the big picture || this is a straight-up planner with less goal-setting focus

the pages || monthly layout, daily layout (to-dos, appointments, budget space, due date space, a birds eye view into next week)

the lovely details ||there is a space to write what’s for dinner, inspiring quotes

so which did i choose?

the desire map planner. it’s time for my type b, creative, entrepreneurial side to be fully embraced. the more freedom i have been giving myself has given me the chance to GIVE in a whole new way. the desire map gives me just the right amount of discipline alongside my other yearly goal-setting program with a WHOLE lot of inspiration. because, in truth, i think we should plan in order to be our best selves, and in turn, give more to others… that’s the WHY behind planning. i used to think the point of check lists was to check things off, but when the depth of meaning in those things ON the checklist goes next level, the planning does too.

what’s on your to-do list today?

mad love, j


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