souladventure without a soulmate


the post that launched the worry

i posted this honest thought on facebook, hoping to connect with the other twenty-something women and men out there who might be feeling the same way. hoping to give them hope – even though their newsfeeds are full of engagments, weddings, and babies – that they aren’t alone. that it’s ok. that they have time.

and then all my c o u p l e d friends piped in. 🙂 and i love them for it because i know their stories. like my mj who has enough online dating horror stories for her own memoir. or my beanard who has been searching for a long time – he’s the one we all wondered… how the FUCK has no one snatched him up yet? he’s golden.

the general sentiment from friends and onlookers went something like this…

jasmine. don’t worry boo! it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen. trust the process, love.

so here’s where i’m at.

maybe this is just my sagittarius-influenced blinding idealism, but, y’all. i’m really ok! i have total faith my soulmate is out there. i have total trust that the universe will bring him around when the time is right. i have total belief that he’s all the things i need and is sexy AF as well. i’m at peace. i’m excited to meet him whenever that might be. or HELL maybe I already have? how crazy would THAT be?! so, maybe a twinge of antsy-ness, but generally, at peace.


but don’t you wish you had an adventure partner?

i recognize that the reason why we have partners | soulmates | girlfriends | boyfriends is because the human experience is so much richer when you share it. i get that. but i’ve never been one to let that stop me from experiencing as fully possible right now in the moment.

would i like someone to eat the raisins out of my trail mix? save me from myself with that entire packet of dried mango? drive at night when i’m half asleep and walking the line between outrageous and amazing? dance to electronica on the edge of a cliff with me? take pictures of me so i don’t have to ALWAYS break out the selfie stick? drive me crazy? yes.

but the flip side…

would he like someone to plan adventures to a surprise spot that he didn’t even know existed? give him all the raisins in the trail mix? buy him turkey jerky despite my vegan tendencies? blast + belt girly pop in the car with? be a sunrise run buddy | makeout pro? stop at every dog-always-no matter what? drive him crazy? yes.

get ready, world. we’re gonna change ya. plain + simple. just gotta find each other first.

thanks universe, in advance, for bringing us together.

mad love,



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