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IYQ. Say it. Yes, out loud. That’s how I feel about LA + LB. IYQ.


los angeles lessons

I learned three things in LA. Don’t things always come in threes?

1. i like fit friends.

it was my first full day in LA. my girl alex goes… so you wanna run three miles tonight. you can imagine my face. there would have been zero had she implanted the words lift  or hike  or netflix  or even bike  instead of run three miles. because with those words the piccolo-playing 7th grader in me – you know, the one with one of the slowest mile times, peeked her little head out, shivering with fright. i’m pretty proud of how quickly the 25-yo woman that i am today assured her that the jump-squatting, high-kneeing, kickboxing badass that she is would do just fine.

so at 10pm that night (with some reservation), we headed into downtown LA with the bLAcklist to run 3.5 miles with a massive heard of high vibing lovelies to a mural and back with the help of pacers, music, and even a pitbull leading the pack. [yep, you read that correctly. he kissed me.] i haven’t ever been one to qualify myself as a runner, but in the words of alex, “fuck that shit.”

with the ocean blasting in my headphones, i almost cried. #catharsis emotions were running high, but in a good way. like fucking rocky or something. conquering this crazy fear i’ve had forever. a testament to how my fitness has changed my mindset + how my mindset has changed my fitness. i felt like a fucking warrior.


and it was on the way home that i realized how much fit friends mean to me. seems like it should go without saying, right? but the T R U T H is that in rva, i don’t have fit friends. and fit friends make a H U G E difference. i am surrounded by coach babes on the interwebs day and night, but to have alex right there in person ready to hike and run and GET IT. #priceless.

2. trust your intuition.

i felt this need to hike the Hollywood Sign. it’s the ONLY thing i really wanted to do in LA.so boom goes the dynamite, i drove all the way up to hollywood to hike and had zero expectations. i just wanted the picture. #vain


the first part of the hike is like, straight uphill. y’all. booty be working! i bet this is all the Kardashians do. they just hike that one hill. cause DAMN. but then i came to the overlook and my jaw dropped. it was this moment frozen in time – like this is exactly the place i’m supposed to be in exactly this moment. i can’t explain it more than that. but it felt so right. so i accepted it from the universe with lots of gratitude.

14958969_10157657609975335_786437671_o 14971652_10157657609980335_475667585_o 14975904_10157657609990335_29418973_o

3. downtown LA is BEAUTIFUL.

i could never live there. too busy. too fast. but i definitely wouldn’t be opposed to living closer. you can take that as an official hint. 😉

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long beach living

so, when i was a kid, i loved baywatch. WEIRD, right?! i liked the storyline. and david hasselhoff. when we’d go to the beach i’d pretend i was a lifeguard saving someone. i’d try to run into the water really fast – the way that the babes did. i like yasmine bleeth. cause my name is jasmine. see the connection?

anyway, i meandered on down to long beach for a day to sit on the beach and watch the waves. and i found a lifeguard stand. and i might have had a mini photo session. i’m not mad about it. 🙂

14923064_10157657609825335_1110876330_o 14963607_10157657609725335_1093775763_o 14954296_10157657609815335_1863263888_o 14964262_10157657609860335_951641959_o 14970994_10157657609910335_1616481428_o

mad love,



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