San Diego | the city that left me breathless


I’m sitting on a couch in LA wanderlusting about a city two hours to the South. San Diego. We had an unforeseen relationship, sd and I. I came into town fully expecting to enjoy it like a friend that you love and leave for your true home. I *didn’t* come into town expecting to find a space of peace and freedom. It’s kind of like when you get knocked over the head with a love that you hadn’t even considered, that you didn’t even know existed. Breathless.


what to do.


go to the beach.

i know you were expecting that. there’s something spiritual these beaches that i’ve never felt on the east coast. y’all know i’m a sucker for the outer banks, but this was different. maybe it’s just my headspace right now, but this felt more grounding, more in tune with the earth. here are the ones i made it to.

Ocean Beach


my local friends qualify this as the ‘hippie beach,’ which i’d have to agree with. surfers and dreadlocks abound. there is a fantastic farmer’s market on wednesdays where you can get your produce alongside your handmade turquoise jewelry. the beach is also right by all of these cute little local shops | clubs | restaurants | coffee shops like nest where i met up with my gal pal meredith.


best part of ob though… people watching. i’ll have to share more about that later. 😉

La Jolla


i pretty much 100% went to Scripps Park in La Jolla for the Truffula Tree. i taught the lorax so many times while teaching, that the idea that ms. jonte found the last truffula tree was just too good to pass up.


i also made it out to the la jolla pier for this Instagram worthy shot at sunset, and was pleasantly surprised to find the beach pretty empty. it was here i dipped my toes into the pacific for the first time, and felt really small. it’s really hard to not be happy and grateful and blessed and in awe in such a humbling place.

Ho Chi Minh Trail | Black’s Beach


i took this ‘secret surf trail’ that’s totally discoverable on google maps. it’s super easy to miss the entrance. but as i traveled down this crazy trail between two massive smooth rocks, i knew it was worth the hunt. i’ll admit though, i wasn’t QUITE prepared for the trek. so, two tips. backpack over bag. boots over sneakers.


i got down to the beach and walked north. and all of a sudden there were naked men in front of me. i tried really hard to avert the eyes. i was unsuccessful. all the goodies. my friend shared that this was originally a gay beach back in the 60s, and the men out here, and the men that started the dang thing. hence, no ladies going out in their birthday suit.

i headed up the steps to the parking lot of black’s beach, figuring I’d take the road back where i parked. good thing i made some friends and got a ride, because it wasn’t as simple as i thought. we’re talking like an hour of walking. shout out to shawndrea + indee. <3

sunset cliffs

are words even necessary?


go to balboa park.


balboa park is this amazing complex of sorts. i don’t think the word ‘park’ is fitting. it’s home to a ton of museums, a *massive* organ, an art village featuring local artists, a botanical garden, and even a hidden forest. oh, and the san diego zoo. it’s a really big place, y’all. i took an afternoon to just walk around. i didn’t go into a museum, but i did love love love just getting the chance to look at the architecture, listen to the local performing artists (digeridoo anyone?), and soak in the san diego sun.

14907777_10157640936180335_955999967_o-1 14954479_10157640936150335_661286438_o-1


celebrate a holiday.

halloween isn’t something that i ever really celebrate. but when my girl kaja was like, “want to go to a day of the dead party?” i was like, “hell yes.” when you celebrate a holiday while out of town, it’s going to feel crazy. everything was last minute. you’re going to make fast decisions. you’re going to have to go with the flow. you’re going to just let it be. and for an A Type like me, that’s 100% liberating.


we left the celebration to blare music while driving around downtown, sit on the beach and get offered all the dope (refused. we got goals.), and dance to ‘walk it out’ OB. girls night to a T.

14881358_10157628657675335_1244818331_o 14923129_10157628657535335_765075015_o

where to eat.

trilogy sanctuary


this rooftop yoga studio|cafe combo felt so good. again, breathless. there was so much to choose from, but being the good little health coach i am, i opted for a salad, so that i could also get carrot cake. #balance

peace pies


i hopped of the plane, picked up the car, and headed here. this was the most adorable little hole-in-the-wall. i wish i could be friends with the guys i met here running the kitchen. they were just good people. so calm and chill and zen. such beautiful energy. and you can taste it in the food. nori rolls with cucumber dill sauce + a maca chocolate treat.

where to stay.

with friends

this just goes without saying, right? but staying with kaja, who has no wifi, haha, was e x a c t l y what i needed. i needed to unplug. i needed this girl. there are just NO words. we vibe SO hard. love you, babe.


i stayed in this lovely airbnb for a few days while kaj and her hubs tay were working. it’s in pacific beach, which my local friends tell me is a younger area. it was just the spot i needed. it was close driving distance to all the sites, but walking distance to groceries, food, and coffee.

i know some people that are wary of staying in an airbnb as a solo traveller, and i understand. we all have to be smart. use your head. trust your gut. i had the hardest time picking an airbnb for my time in sd, but my intuition told me this one, and it was right.


so, here i am in LA.

i’m in a space of wondering… north? or south? part of me wants to turn up ingrid’s new celebrate, and cruise back down to the city that took my breath away. and the other side of myself just wants to hold onto that spark and carry it to big sur. the soul adventure continues either way.

stay sexy, san diego.



  1. mom
    November 2, 2016 / 11:10 pm

    love love sd…so glad you are having your own personal adventure

    • Jasmine
      November 3, 2016 / 2:48 am

      thanks mumsy. you da best.

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