My Ultimate Reset Journey + Why You Should Start One of Your Own


Y’all. I did it. I finished. A 21-day Wellness Cleanse to reset my insides. Phew.

Every 21 day challenge I do simultaneously feels like an eternity and a blip. When I began a true lifestyle reset in February of 2015, I was quite simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. My new friend Kris Carr explains it best.

At some point in our lives, every one of us dazzling human beings clomping around in heels gets an important call from the “This Is Your Chance” hotline.


The call comes in one of three ways.

  1. Life hits a 911 tipping point and suddenly you’re up agains the ropes of mortality, begging for one more shot. You realize that the only way to get out of the rubble is to rebuild a more sustainable you.
  2. A divine disco light ignites the spare and your third eye explodes with love for yourself. In that instant your inner Queen wakes up to the holy “Wow, I’m worth it” truth… The awakening is like a cosmic consciousness cocktail that makes you tipsy with self-empowerment.

  3. Maybe it’s not quite so dramatic and extreme. Maybe your call to action comes from boredom or just feeling “over it.” You’re literally sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was a 3 in the beginning, and I was a 3 when I started this whole thing 3 weeks ago. I was just kind of OVER having mediocre nutrition. Things had slipped. I was cheating too much. It showed in my body and my mindset. To quote myself, “I feel very unaware of my eating habits. I tend not to realize my bored/emo eating. If I do, I feel that I have no control.”

So, I embarked on this thing with this written goal – I realize it is time for me to reset my eating habits. I have slowly lost faith in my own self-discipline when it comes to food – as if I don’t have the ability to say no. I want to prove to myself that not only do I have the ablity, but that it benefits me greatly. I want to gain energy, clarity of my, greater control over my emotions, the feeling of healthy vitality in life, and like I’ve never been healthier.

Cause, B O T T O M  L I N E. You, my lovely, looked at that picture ^^^ and thought, She doesn’t look that different. I don’t get why it’s a big deal. I don’t want to put thoughts in your head, but had it been ME reading this a year and a half ago, that’s what I would have thought. 🙂 We’re socialized to look at numbers, at weight loss. But keep reading, lovely. Cause the sparkle, the light, the shine, that comes from health on the inside.


what is this dayum thing?img_1068

It’s a 21 day cleanse to get your insides healthy. So, nah. You ain’t gonna be running to the bathroom. After 7 years of suffering with ibs, I am SO not about that life. It’s not a harsh juice cleanse or, even worse, those pills people pop with all the awful chemicals in them. It’s a all-natural gentle cleanse with real foods and supplements made with real foods.

In Week One you reclaim our body by phasing out acidic foods like meat and dairy, which are super difficult to digest and put loads of stress on your gut. In Week Two you release toxins. I’ve dubbed it the Detox week. The gentle  colon cleanse clears out all that gunk that’s trapped in your bod – you know those Cadbury Easter Eggs you’ve been nomming on for years, the kegstands you did in college, the coffee that keeps my teacher friends going [haaay!], the various Cokes, PSLs, Honey Nut Cheerios, and everything in between. Yay! In Week Three you restore that gut with enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and a fruit + veggie only diet to get yourself to maximum efficiency! And yep! That means no grains [rice, corn, quinoa] and a limit on your plant-based protein [beans, nuts, seeds].

Below is my FB Live Review of Week one. My Week 2 and Week 3 reviews are linked in the corresponding playlist. <3


enough nitty gritty. did ya like it?

YES. I really did. Even though I was at the BEACH for weeks 2 and 3, I liked it! Flash back up to my goal ^^^ and you see that I wanted to feel empowered with self-discipline. Nothing MORE empowering to having ZERO cheats – not even a Frito – while your family is in full vaca-mode and eating and drinking to their heart’s desire. Y’all. There was even carrot cake. Do you even KNOW how empowering it is to say NO? Seriously.


The food was delightful. It’s ALL laid out for you. Shopping lists, recipes, the meal plan. A Kindergartener could follow this [as long as she can read]. Rather than rant on, I’m just going to show you some pictures. 🙂

img_1234  img_1334


did it cost like a $bazillion?


I won’t fudge it for you. I spent more than I typically do on groceries. A lot of that had to do with one-time purchases, like toasted sesame oil or rice vinegar. You buy those once, and have them for a LONG time. It IS a lot of fruit and veg also. Three cups of fruit a day is a lot of fruit. It adds up. But on the other hand, I didn’t spend a dime on going out to eat or drink, because it isn’t on plan. And if you’re a drinker, that adds up too. If you cut that out, then it really balances out.


did you miss sweating sparkling?


Honestly, no. The recommendation is brisk walking or gentle yoga if you have the energy. I did yoga about every third day on average. As the challenge wore on, I did it less. It was truly listening and being more in tune with my body to recognize what I needed, or in this case what I didn’t need.


so, girl. what were your R E S U L T S?



I’m now at my lowest healthy weight. I’m down 6.2 lbs and weigh in at 117.2 lbs. I’m down 2-3in on my waist, depending on how much fruit I’ve eaten to give me that fruit belly. 🙂



This is why I did this. It wasn’t about the weight on my tummy. It was about the weight on my shoulders. Living a life without energy. So. Here goes.

NUMBER ONE. W A T E R. I am notoriously horrible about drinking water. I’ve tried it all. The cute water bottles. The ones with the spout. The ones with the straw. The ones with the screw top. The ones with the times on the side to help you measure how much you’re drinking. I’ve tried the infused water with strawberries, citrus, mint. I’ve tried the water flavorings that have all that gunky sugar in it. I’ve tried it all.

How did this habit change? I simply HAD to drink H2O. I took supplements 4x a day, 30m before eating with 12oz of water. It was no longer a choice. I recognized my cycle of THIRST being masked as HUNGER. Now I recognize that if I drink a glass of water directly upon waking, that doesn’t happen. That’s my new habit.

number two. S L E E P. The program recommends sleeping without technology at your bedside. I’ll admit I didn’t do this until about half-way through, but boy does it make a difference. Also, having hearty nutritious food without the sugar or caffeine made me sleep like a ROCK. Even with a Juniper sleeping in the least convenient spot imaginable.

number three. E M O. E A T I N G. This is a biggun’ you guys. I spoke to these a lot in my end of week 3 video on YT. Go there to hear more. In short…

  • I eat when I’m nervous, and not just stressed.
  • I go to eat when I’m already famished, and thus opt for convenience.
  • I have issues with carbs more than sugar.

number four. D I S C I P L I N E. I love to have control. I’m totally type A. So, it made me feel as though the earth was cracking beneath me when I recognized just how out of control my discipline was with regard to my nutrition. I don’t feel that anymore. Did I mention I didn’t cheat once? 😛

number five. E N E R G Y. Before this I felt like there was a ping pong ball inside my brain. It would bounce around in there frenetically until it lost it’s energy. Now I feel a calm mental clarity that maintains consistent energy like a ship sailing on a pond.



how was your day after your cleanse?

I went on a carb binge. Now, I know you’re confuzzled. Cause you just read number four up there, right? ^^^ I used a carb binge almost like a food test. After your bod is so pure after this cleanse, you can do food testing to see how you react to something like gluten or dairy. I did this with my carb binging.

With my IBS I always used carbs as my safe space. I thought that they’re easily digestible. So if I was feeling ill, I’d head to the carbs.

What I learned was that it actually makes me feel AWFUL. I was up late with a stomach ache. I slept horribly. I even broke out overnight. I woke up still feeling gross. So, Jasmine. Lesson learned here. You put your carb binge to the test and you felt fucking terrible. Your godpod [goddess pod aka body] deserves better. Capisce? Capisce.



w h a t    n o w ?

  1. I’m going vegan. Like… allll the way vegan. For more reasons that one. It’s going to be a learning curve, so my vegan friends out there, hit me with your tips.
  2. I’m doing one month of the program that gave me the best results. It’s 22min a day, 6x a week. One month until I head to California. Gotta get it right right, get it right, get it tight.
  3. I’m starting my yoga practice. Like… for real. For more reasons that one. It’s going to be a learning curve, so my yogi friends out there, hit me with your tips.
  4. I’m figuring out what moderation means to me. I’m thinking 2 ‘treats’ a week. This week it looked like Purely Elizabeth’s Pumpkin Fig granola and so No-Salt Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.




Seriously you guys. If I can do this, then you can do this. If I had these results, then you can have these results or even better results! Keep in mind. This is a marathon you guys. I’m not perfect. It’s taken me a LONG time to get to this kind of eating + fitness with mega ups and downs. First it started with cutting gluten 8 YEARS ago. Now, after so long, I’m here.

The Ultimate Reset isn’t for everyone, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to kickstart their health journey, doesn’t want to work out but still wants to start, anyone who needs to bust a plateau, or those of you like me that need to sucker-punch emotional eating in the gut. 

If you’re thinking that you want to START, but this isn’t it, then join me in a our Wellness Warrior challenge group. I know you want to be a warrior for your own wellbeing, and maybe you just don’t know how to get started. It DOES include intentional 30m workouts. BUT the nutrition guide is less strict, more tailored to your likes/dislikes, and based on portion control.

Either way click here to send me a message and we can figure out what’s best for you.

last thoughts

I couldn’t have done this without my tribe of women doing it with me. We all ate the exact same meals for 21 days, but went through different struggles because a detox effects every one of us differently. However, we DID all see stellar results. Friends don’t let friends fitness alone. Check out my babealicious, empowered girls below. <3

Mad love, J


Megan <3



MJ from August –> September



Ellen – my spiritual warrior


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